Insurance agent

For falsifying the 1802 form

Agnew charged homeowners $150 to $500 for wind mitigation inspections of their homes, but homes built during or after 2002, when more stringent building codes were enacted, did not need inspections because they automatically get mitigation discounts.

If this statement is true then why are they asking for wind mits on these homes?

Great news.
Thanks for sharing.

I want to know whos name was on the bottom of the form.

Because he got the warning and continued to do it. When you piss off a judge they don’t like it.

Bill, for the post FBC/post SFBC homes, the roof covering/roof to wall, and roof deck attachment credits are nulled out, and 1 overall large credit is automatically given to recognize the strength of the FBC on these homes/policies. To receive the hip roof, SWR, and opening protection credits, a mitigation inspection is required.

Glenn, I understand them being nulled out. But, then that means there isn’t any significant discount difference between a single wrap and a double wrap. Correct?


Believe its about 1-3%

I work this area. He was not the only one. When the re-inspections started and the underwriters got serious, our Wind Mit business increased significantly. Agents here were loosing their clients right and left. The inspectors they had been referring, had never seen a house that was not a C rated roof deck and FBC roof covering. Half of all my stapled roof decks had been listed as a C on the previous inspection.

Agents were loosing their whole book of business because pissed off clients were walking. Agents started to realize the needed accurate inspections to keep their clients. We got a reputation as providing an accurate WM, we had agents referring us to other agents.

They were all in it together. The inspectors, agents, and the homeowners. This guy is only in trouble for not stoping after got in trouble the first time.

You have to wonder, how many did he do?

Maybe also making an example to get the practices “cleaned up”…