American Integrity Ins-replacing Citizens

I just received a letter from Citizens telling me AI Ins company is replacing them if I wish…has anybody had any expeience with this new company.

Also I wonder what the impact to us will be as inspectors?

Same here.
We will see.
Fortunately, I have their roof certification form done and they accept the Tower Hill version of the four-point, so, all of my inspections are already done!

The one problem with taking this insurance is there is no way of knowing what your renewal amount will be. They have to keep your rate the same as Citizens until you renew. There was just an article stating that it is impossible to get these companies to give you a renewal rate. They are leaving that a mystery. You might be bettor off to opt out and stay with Citizens.

I am pretty sure that is why I opted out last time. The rate was going to be $200.00 cheaper this year, but was going to be much higher the next year. I’ll wait for the next letter.

I got taken out by them back in 2007 after a year in Citizens. Been with them since, my renewal premium last year was $500, so no complaints here, although I built my house in 06 and it’s mitigated to the hilt.

My home was built in 71…think my premium will be $500.00? :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I would do a happy dance for a $500 premium…:mrgreen: