American Mortgage Field Services

If you are doing “inspections” for these guys … there could be an arrest warrant with your name on it.

Some people never cease to amaze me. In this business integrity is everything.

For once the banks got f u c k e d!

Instead of hiring people to commit fraud why not hire them to take actual property pictures? Good riddance

IMO, Bank of America is just a guilty. Do the math and you realize the physical improbability of performing 100,000 per month given the rate of $6.50. BofA knew this and it is just another example of our nations new “business model”

I was thinking the same thing when I first read this post. They got what they paid for.


You beat me to posting this article James, but my point was more so that I love how the paper labeled his firm as a home inspector. No license found per the state DBPR for this guy. Paying 18 year old kids take exterior photographs of bank owned properties does not a home inspector make. That would be like me calling the guy on the street corner who washes the windshield at the stop light an auto mechanic…