The end is near :(

Funny how the shop now button does not work :roll:

And it apparently gives all the bells and whistles with them.

Top spot on Ad words does not come cheap either. I bet it is costing him around $4 a looksee now. I seriously wonder how long that can last.

No complaining on my part but why bother at those prices. I know Eric will link my page but with me it is advertising and I normally can make more per insp than one may think. A La Cart. It seems $50 is his all the time most you will spend price.

Why are you so worried Mike?

I thought now that you’re a CMI that would separate you from the low-ballers, and you can basically charge whatever you want.

Now you know how we felt when you came along.


Maybe he is doing “home inspection alternatives.” Isn’t that what you do and charge half as much?

Its working just fine for me. When you click that button, it takes you to another page that says, “Sorry, our website is temporarily offline” :wink:

Why would anyone pay more than the cheapest price for an inspection on a form made by the OIR.

Greg when I came along YOU could not even do them and I offered to do them for ALL inspectors and to share the profits.


Yes I do Home Inspection Alternatives but have no idea how to cost effectively get the word out. I am only mentioning his insurance inspection prices as I do not care what any fool charges for a written home inspection. I really do not care about the insurance inspections either because at his prices running ad words where he is with all the folks that just click to look he will not be able to play long.

I do what I do and have been trying to find something more profitable since the start. Most of those around here are not smart enough to figure out how I do it anyhow unless I have told them.

Anyone else have any asinine questions or comments I can help you with?

Since you asked.

Maybe you could do specialized TPR inspections. Oh wait, you have to be qualified. Nevermind. :mrgreen:

Hu hu hu good one Butthead. It still amazes me as ses like you always mention that when it was taken out of context in the first place. Fool.

You just keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel good. Those that were around know. :roll:

Oh, and for the record…

Apparently not and I will not bother explaining it. If anyone is interested look it up. You are just a little ***** trying to stir the post in a forum that does not even concern you. Go rub out another one. We know that’s all you do all day. Probably to my video on my website :slight_smile:

Hmmm… my post in another thread seems to fit here as well…

Sorry Jeffie,

I could not get through the intro to see the brilliant thing someone else created that you think is so great.

Funny thing is this a s s doing them for 50 may just have pissed me off enough that I may do them for 40 or 45 and see how long the fool lasts. I have one hell of an email list to blast out to ins agents but I do not want to work for peanuts like that piece of work is. I have been known to do crap just out of spite though :slight_smile: Sad thing is it would also hurt fellow Nachi inspectors. :frowning:

That is an idiotic thing to do. This $50 guy was probably working for a WCE that handed the work to him. He will learn real quick that is not how it works in the retail market. Let it play out Mike.

It would help him get the message and get packing quicker before he earns a rep. I need cash to feed the family and he is stepping on my toes. I am the sole bread winner in my family as my Wife spends all her time in my Daughters school and back in College online working on elementary ed degree. It will just keep me pissed for a while but it would likely send him packing as I know how to make it work at damn near any price if need be.

Sad thing is I want out of the biz so bad I cannot stand it but the National VP that is interested in me just does not have anything at the moment.

Anyone know any major builders in South Florida looking for someone to be in Quality Control as I believe that is what I want to do. Hell a General Contractor, CMI and soon Certified Thermographer should be pretty useful for a major builder to have on staff solving problems that arise.

thanks for reassuring me that I made the right decision on saving my money

I think the guy must have seen his ad words bill for the first time :slight_smile: Ha Ha. I doubt it he just likely ran out of funds and does not know it yet. Hell I just took off my summer special ad whoops :frowning:

If it is your site speak up I would love to know what you were paying.

I did not think it would last long but I bet he will be back in one way or another.

Ad words sucks to get low pay work. I think he came from a WCE and is used to a ton of work and having to buy your clicks sucks.

He’s baaack… I guess he reupped his ad words campaign from lower right 4 down to the top again :slight_smile:

Expensive huh buddie :slight_smile: