America's #1 real estate expert says he personally prefers InterNACHI inspectors.


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He knows how to find the best home inspectors.

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Real estate agents in my area (North East Ohio) only care about inspectors that are ASHI certified. They know nothing of InterNACHI and show no respect for inspectors who are not certified through ASHI… Will someone please market to agents like ASHI did??? It’s a shame that these agents have no idea what they’re talking about when they suggest that their clients should choose an ASHI inspector. It truly makes me sick to my stomach.


What suggestions do you have? According to our member stats InterNACHI currently has 473 Certified Professional Inspectors in the state of Ohio. InterNACHI also placed an ad in the National Association of Realtors magazine (May/June) as well as attending the 2015 National Realtors Convention in San Diego to help instill InterNACHI presence amongst Realtors.

Emailing branch managers that are brainwashing their agents into believing that only ASHI inspectors are worthy of their clients business… Agents in my area don’t even know what InterNACHI is. It’s kind of hard for me as a single person to open the eyes of the thousands of Realtors in my area when they’ve never heard of the organization that I’m claiming is superior… Agents just have no idea at all.

Don’t waste a penny promoting InterNACHI (we’re already the biggest and the best and getting bigger and better every day). You need to promote YOU. You’re in Ohio, so you have lots of tools available to do that.

I have zero interest in promoting InterNACHI as a means to get you more inspections. Of the 2 million agents in this country, not one (zero) will risk switching from their pet inspector that they’ve worked with for years… to some new inspector, just because he/she joined some trade group. That’s just stupid to think that would ever happen in a million years and so I have no intention of doing that. You can’t pry agents away from their favorite inspector by joining a trade group.

You have to sell them on you, not the associations you’ve joined. And like I said, you have the tools to do it in Ohio. Let me ask you a question. How many of these have you passed out at real estate sales meetings? More than 2,500 or less? Answer honestly.

He is wanting a branding program to Realtors that Missouri is suppose to be getting. It has not transpired yet, but every time I ask about it, Nick says it is in the works.

I don’t what you mean. What would I brand to real estate agents?

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That InterNACHI exists and is a more credible association then ASHI. That ASHI focuses on taking money and InterNACHI focuses on making better inspectors that will take better care of their clients. All I need is that one chance, that one shot to do an inspection for a new agent. I sell myself everytime with my reports/inspections. In this area it’s hard to get that shot without an ASHI logo on your business cards. My girlfriend is a Realtor for Howard Hanna and I’m doing what I can to chip away at this in a positive manner. Her office uses me a lot but if I was a member of ASHI, her office would use me a lot more. I’m not giving up, just frustrated… I’ve handed out less than 2,500 of those agent marketing cards. Thanks for the advice, i really appreciate it and I will try to push those cards harder. All I ask is that agencies are made aware that an InterNACHI inspector is not inferior to an ASHI inspector… Agent have no idea what the differences are between the two. They just do what their boss tells them to do.

I’m in SW Ohio and serve both Cincinnati & Dayton and it’s no different down here.

Fact of the matter is ASHI has had a very successful branding program for many years now branding ASHI & it’s Inspectors as the best to all of the RE world. Nick ran an ad as was mentioned earlier in this thread but not to brand NACHI or NACHI Inspectors but instead to advertise the buy it back program, which I and many others in the business consider a gimmick and a good pay day for Nick.

One thing I learned long ago, this is Nicks sand box and he makes the rules, I also figured out in short order that he is first and foremost a businessman and a marketing genius.

NACHI is a great educational source and this MB is second to none, but Nick will never brand NACHI to the RE world like ASHI has, because he doesn’t have to.

I appreciate the input from another Ohio resident… but I do hope that isn’t the case.

I haven’t marketed to Realtors in over 3 years, although there are many who still refer me.

There were and most likely still are, RE offices who had one shelf marked “ASHI” inspectors and another for “all the rest”.

I’m a dual member and can tell you that association has nothing to do with the caliber of an inspector, both associations have great Inspectors and both have Inspectors that aren’t, but walk into any RE office and ask any RE agent and 95% of the time you’ll get ASHI as the only inspection association they’re familiar with.

You need to learn to market yourself and to make things happen for yourself. You are the only one that can do it.

If I fail it is because I let myself fail. If I succeed it is because I worked my ***** of to succeed. So far I am succeeding. I plan to continue that.

I use some of the tools that INACHI provides but they are just an association. I have no complaints about them. I also agree with what Kevin said about it being Nick’s sandbox. But I have no problem with that.

I don’t know anything about you. If you have questions about what to do then start by reading all the information INACHI puts out there and then put what you have read into action. Also ask questions here and people will answer.

Just my opinion. Have a good evening.