Do you see any vertical crack in block basement wall on the inside?

…ummm, no ya don’t. Shelby Township

do you see 2 exterior cracks in these videos? hahaha oh man, so…so many homeowners getting LIED TO and RIPPED OFF, most often by interior basement drainage system companies, that’s right

back corner

front corner

when a homeowner has cracked exterior parging or no parging was applied when built then YOU will not SEE that on the inside but hellllllllllllllllllllllllllo, THAT is where the water was first getting into the hollow block wall smfh


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hahaha! DannY boY is, ummm, crooked… truth hurts and have ya noticed… an increasing number of Americans don’t want, don’t like the truth

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I’m still here Mark/Steve/Bubba. Feel free to do your thing. .

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Thought I’d upload something with lot’s of fodder for your expert critiquing. Does it pay much? All that time here critiquing? By they way, my 13.5k subscribers seem to think I’m fairly good at what I do. I’ve ten’s of thousands of comments. All good except for you. Apparently u r obsessed with me. Why is that? - Daniel J OConnor

Dan, you could have 100 million subscribers it doesn’t mean you are are honest and doing what is best for peoples basements, wallls. nope but go ahead and sing your sad song all ya like.

13.5 k huh, hmmm that may be the number of times Bubba farted last year, ill check on that n get back to ya.

Exterior cracks and cracked deteriorating parging slinghlty bowed in block basement wall, the cracks etc is WHY the basement leaks Dan and why there is some mold n efflorescence on inside blocks. You apparently do not fix, waterproof these exterior cracks on most of your jobs because you almost always install chum-head interior fraud systems

Clay and some tree roots that were against the exterior of basement wall that you often never remove

inside view of same wall, some mold and efflorescence that interior system won’t stop because the frigging water is entering through the ext-cracks

How’s your good buddy the lawyer doing? Got milk?