An ungrounded..ground

Apparently this guy was taught that you can ground a circuit against a water line. Guess he doesn’t understand what qualifies as a proper ground contuctor.


funny and scary


I agree. Both funny and even more scary!!!

Not only would that be an illegal and improper ground, even if the pipe we copper and grounded, the fact that someone actually attached a ground wire to a plastic pipe is so scary it should be criminal!

I would like to see the rest, from the main to the circuits.

I repeat again:

“Common sense ain’t all that common, is it?”"…Will Rogers

I would pay to be there when the (supposedly) Electrician installed that GEC.

I just want to ask him/her what the hell they are doing…

That would be funny if it wasn’t so damned dangerous, how stupid do people have to get to proove Darwin right.



Trust me…no REAL " Electrician " would do that and I am not talking about the “Grandfathered” electricians or the “unlicensed” states electricians but real electricians who ACTUALLY took standardized TESTS and SCHOOLING…

I’m with Paul. I’ve run into people who too many times describe themselves with ‘titles’ or vague descriptions.

Anyone can call themselves and electrician, simply because they work with electricity. Look, I flip a switch, I work with electricity. Lights on, lights off, lights on… I am a electricity master, so I’m a master electrician. :wink:

We run into this often. Computer specialists who actually only work a cash register. How about union mechanics at a car factory who never fixed a car ever. etc,etc,etc.

But seriously, rely on the NEC’s official definition of an electrician. I think it’s before the Romex section, after the BX section. :smiley:



I’ve been saying recently that Darwin’s “Theory of Evolution” is being proven wrong everyday. The stupid are not being weeded out and are freely reproducing! Q.E.D. (Quad erat demonstratum: That which was to be proved)

And they are the ones writing more and more codes that help protect stupid people, and so on, and so on,…

lol…its called " weeding out the gene pool "…lol

Everybody knows when you bond PVC pipe you use .08" weedeater string and a tywrap.

Got to be green red does not work too well.

hey …Ben Stien has a movie comming out in Feb concerning Darwins theory…:mrgreen:

Come on, anyone can see that that was done by the plumber who replaced the pipe. The error is no different to electricians who bore inappropriate holes through joists to run cable.

I would suggest all “professionals” take handyman training. At least a Jack of all trades is safer than a master of one.

Sorry, but I take extreme exception to this statement.
Do you honestly think a jack of all trades is “safer” than a professional trades person??? Come on.

EVERY professional trades person, be it plumber, HVAC, electrician, whatever, is just a bit more professional than a "handyman who knows just a little about all the trades. In fact, most professional trades people I know are jacks of all trades, master of one (or even two).
We DO have to know what is going on with most of the other trades. If not we’d have chaos on every job site.

Don’t get me wrong. There ARE definitely hacks out there. I have seen “plumbers” destroy floor joists to run a drain line and walk away satisfied with a job well done.
These guys do NOT last long I assure you. At least not in the same area.

“Anything goes in the Poconos” - I know of builders that have changed their business name 4 or more times.
I have personal knowledge of a “licensed plumber” that was a hot dog vendor in NYC! He passed a book test BAM he’s a plumber! Same goes for every trade I’ve seen in these mountains. So ya I guess what I’m saying is I agree with you but some of these hacks have a little piece of paper from the state making them “professionals”.

Maybe this is a static ground :slight_smile: . Well I thought it was funny anyway. Please direct all flames to null.

Anonymous, sort of…