Grand Opening of Anchor Bay Inspections

I would like to announce the grand opening of Anchor Bay Inspections, It was a long 6 months getting this up and running but well worth it. I would like to thank Nick and Ben for a great organization. I would also like to thank my fellow inspectors in Florida for helping me out with all the question I had.

Glad to join the ranks as a Florida Home Inspector.:D:D:D

Your best friends in this business will be your fellow members. Well wishes from all of us. Call me on my cell if you need me (720) 272-8578.

Thanks Nick, I am excited this is finally and reality, If I need anything I will not hesitate to call you. :smiley:

Congrats and good luck :slight_smile:

Congratulations !

Thank you Michael, if I have a question in field I will not hesitate to ask.

I will be glad to help any way I can :slight_smile:

Welcome to the club, hit the ground hard and running

Thank you, will do. Going out to do a little bit of marketing tomorrow

Congrats! Nachi is a fantastic organization.

Yes it is couldn’t have done it with out NACHI. Proud to be a member:D

Good Luck Shawn …focus on marketing, eyes and ears open, big smile everyday and hard work and most of all “have fun” these will all help make you a success, safe inspecting ! If you get any calls that are too far south for you to take care of let us know. :slight_smile:

Great start Shawn. Great members and an awesome organization here. Not too many CEO’s of large organizations will hand out their private number and ask you to call them when needed. That tells you a lot about this Org and it’s staff. Good luck and take care.


Sure you could have, just would be a lot of knee bumping, head banging and longer education window. Everything you need to get a HI company started and maintained is here which is a dream come true.
Similar to belonging to a sorority and having help one click away!
We’re thinking of having jackets made!:smiley:

Would of also been limited to no benefits that this organization gives us. I would not recommend any other organization but NACHI. Also I spoke to a real estate agent today and she stated that she only uses NACHI Inspectors. Works great for me:D

Will do, any thing too far north for you let me know. Always good to have friends in this business.:smiley:

Welcome to the club. I’m fairly new to the club as well. I have found this association to be a godsend. Nick has been more than helpful and supportive. Use the forum and the tools provided here and you will succeed. Get Nick’s book on running a successful HI business. I loved it.

Goto the find an inspector link on the Nachi home page put in your zip code and all the inspectors in your area will pop up with their websites (if they have one) then you can check and see prices around you (if they list their price) …many in this area do not list their prices. You have to explain to people why it is to their advantage to pay a little more for your expertise. Nick has several fantastic articles about making the sale.
Edit… I meant to reply to the pricing? post

If you list your prices on written home inspections I “feel” you will lose possible decent clients not just lowballers. I list prices on insurance inspections to a point but do not on written because I want to tell them who I am and what my qualifications are before they get the chance to walk away based on price alone. Sometimes you can wake up those with a brain. Most really seem to me to only care about the price. You can normally tell who they are buy what they say. Example: I ask what type of inspection they need and they reqly what the bank told me or some other org told me. I would just hang up then if I thought they would not be to greatly offended but those people almost ALWAYS only care about the lowest price. They are almost always the folks trying to get into a house they should not because the same types often decide they cannot buy a house based on an insurance inspection. If the cost of insurance for a particular home is the difference between you can afford it or not it is my opinion that you cannot afford it. You need to have some wiggle room for when things do not go as planned because almost always in life you get a curve ball thrown at you that you did not expect. Poof if insurance rates is the difference you have a great chance at losing your home because of a normally just serious inconvenience issue like a medical bill or something. Just my 2 cents.

Yes I got Nicks Book, helped a lot along with this organization. As far as prices some people list them some don’t. I only list my prices on my website but do not list them on my flyers that I had out to Realtors and Insurance Agents. Like I said earlier hone inspections in our area start at about 275 average in our area of SWFL.