Ancillary Inspections

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We are writing a guide book on buying 5th Wheel RV’s. While doing some research, it occurred to me that inspecting an RV has at least some similarity to Home Inspections. Certainly more similarity than inspecting/surveying a boat or airplane.

Does this seem like a reasonable ancillary service for a home/building inspector? I don't recall much (or any) discussion along these lines. Those that are familiar with RV systems have the opportunity for a new income stream. Consider this:

"The University of Michigan projects the number of RV-owning households will rise from the current 8.6 million to 10.4 million in the year 2010 --a gain of 21 percent, outpacing overall U.S. household growth of 15 percent. Among all U.S. households, one-in-five intend to purchase an RV in the future..." (quote from (no affiliation) advertises a $195 inspection. I wouldn't want to inspect an RV for $195 - but I might for $395... plus there would be some new tools and instruments - oh yeah.

Bill Hendry