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This one inspired by a recent news event. A woman was killed in a high-rise apartment fire in an upscale neighborhood. Why?

The owners of the apartment where the fire started wanted to enable their cat, who the couldn’t find, to escape. So they jambed open the fire safety door to their unit.

Please critique, and feel free to swipe anything that you might like:


Yep read that in paper today.
They left the door open.
The buildings have 3 years to fix things.

Well done article I only found 2 mistakes. Where is Kathleen when you need her. She will probably find more.

Three items I saw:

As a result, the fire and smoke spread to the hallway and, sadly, killed. (a woman)
circuit breakers and should only do done by a qualified (only be done)

Third is more of a question: I have always heard 10 years on smoke detectors, from fire alarm certifications I have been involved with to the actual dates now printed on the devices. A FEMA site I found also states 10 years

I am asking from a learning perspective - not confrontation. Is 5 years an Illinois thing?

Excellent article Will, a suggestion to add to your safety hazards section would be info on the safety anti tip devices (brackets) for a range/ oven.
I just had an inspection today w/ a single mother w/ 3 kids and I did show her the range was missing the anti tip bracket.

GREAT POINT! I see this in about 90% of the houses I inspect. Seems like the local appliance installation people have no clue.


Not only is it not installed, I often find it in the packing material with the operator booklets…

I love it when they have those books…usually page 1 about 1-2 paragraphs down, I show them the information and then reach in the bag and pull out the device…

Thanks, Russ. Both added.

Homeowner is negligent by virtue of liability.
Owners actions created scenario of liability and Loss.

Property Manager (if contracted and present) is also negligent
if action was aware and not taken against the homeowner
when informed of non-compliance of cited action…

Haha Kevin, I feel like I found myself a new job!

most of the surrounding town and suburbs have also adopted these standards. But, if this is so, why did this woman die? (s at the end of town)

The homeowner cannot be reasonably required to have his house rebuilt every 5 years, so the local governments allow “grandfathering” or older houses and buildings (on /of)

You did well Will! :wink:

One of the contractors working on the mcmansion two down from me cut through the phone line today so we had no phone or internet all day, the builder said he did nothing wrong!!! He’s a big guy and I’m well, not, so I left it at that, and found something else to be productive with.

Important but bear in mind it also depends on weight and balance.
I always throw my body weight on the top edge to see if it is going to move.

Some of those older models are not going to budge ,so keep it in perspective.

You underestimate the power of Chicago trial lawyers, and the state case law that says that local code inspectors have aboslutely NO liability. The building owner will be found guilty and forced to hire a politically connected contractor to repair and upgrade. Laws, around here, are seen as mere guidelines that can be changed at the whim of an Alderman, the Mayor or the union bosses.

Kinda like what a certain former Chicagoan is now doing in Washington.

Thanks, got them all.

Of course the contractor “did nothing wrong”. Besides, you are only a girl and what do you know. :mrgreen:

Next time, do what my wife does. Strap on a Magnum Research 1911A1 .45 before you talk to him. They become very polite, all of a sudden. I don’t know why. :wink:

Does this look familiar Russell ? :slight_smile:
Here’s one like you mentioned. Booklet and bracket were in the drawer next to oven. So I put it out on counter.
Preowned home inspection, new appliances recently installed.
I’m sure appliance supplier was happy to here their installer follows manufacturers installation instructions. :shock::mrgreen:

anti tip.jpg

I’d love to arm up Will, LOL, but it’s illegal here, and he has a cell phone, I’d be gone in 60 seconds. I’m not so confidant with the hand guns, but I’m a crack shot with my rifle. Where’d I put that scope… :wink:

Bob, I agree w/ the heavier, older units not budging in some cases and also in some case ovens are hard to budge/ tip because of a tight installation fit between base cabs and counters.
But putting it in perspective, with all the injuries, deaths, lawsuits and new found awareness why not cover yourself, I’m going to. It’s either there and functioning as intended or it’s not.

I will just agree with you rather than lecture perspective in the real world and keep wearing my hardhat on every climb,electricians gloves on every panel,never go even one M/P/H over the speed limit or jaywalk.:slight_smile:

I would be interested in any additional safety hazards that you know about, specifically safety items that are not, specifically, detailed in local building codes. That was the point of the article, that the local codies do not check all the things that could be dangerous.


Are you playing on words or was this just a mistake!
Although they both sound the same, they both mean different things. A confidant is a close person in which you trust and can tell personal details and things of a secretive matter do and confident is a way in which a person feels. One can be confident in the ability of their confidant to keep a secret.
Your secret is safe with me Kathleen.

Will, I thought about this issue for safety that isn’t included in your list in your article but is important also- I had 2 inspections this week where the Water Heater TPRV drains are an issue. One was a New Home Warranty Inspection, as seen in pic the TPRV drain line, if not bad enough was behind the A/C condenser but was also inbedded in the concrete of A/C pad along with the overflow pan drain line. In the second situation the the TPRV drain line at WH wasn’t even hook up, but the tag is still there as seen.
In the link it shows the Water Heater explosion in Arizona.
Dale Duffy’s neck of the woods- I think he even posted pics of that here and/or HIP.

Bob E, Thanx for not lecturing. I was giving my opinion.
Please don’t go over the speed limit or jaywalk, those are very comprable to doing a job for a client depending on you. :mrgreen:

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