Android Home Inspection Software

I’ve had Inspectit for about year…it’s slow on Android. Plus to get to a narrative you had to go through 3 screens. The configuration is really confusing and inflexible, too.

I’m glad I had something the first year, but I wish I had gone with something else.

Yet are you not developing a android version yourself?

Yes…but really for other markets we are in that are not independent inspectors…where it makes more sense for the cloud. Just my 2 cents.

What is the best apps for android? Looking for free app or one not 500$

You’re looking for a free app to be one of the most important part of your business? How will they provide support and updates for you?

Hey Pat,

Spectacular for Android allows you to pay-per-report at $12.99. When you get paid, that’s when you pay for your software. Many inspectors starting off choose this option until their volume increases and paying per report doesn’t make sense anymore. Then you can buy it for $500… :wink:

This is such an old thread .
All I can say is be careful guys because for newbies ] is once you pick a software it is almost impossible to switch so do not fall for initial freebies or trials as a determination.

You will build canned comments and invest time to learn the system no matter what you decide so look carefully at finished product actual reports ] and choose what you want your Clients to see .It represents you and your business.

It is funny re-reading how Glenn thought AHIT had the state-of-the-art mobile inspection software and how big he was on the potential of AllInspections. Also Dominic saying how weak mobile computers are but HIP is on both platforms now.

Back then they were crap for reporting and even today far from perfect .I still prefer a good camera over mobile.I do not put my phone on a roof scan stick or use it to zoom 3 stories .Plus all cell phones get glitches at times and changeable battery models are disappearing but yes they are way better today.

I recall trying to use app programs like Ever note for inspection notes…or photo caption programs and started each one alphabetically to group them.

We had HIP versions on both platforms back then too! The comment was about creating stand alone software. The tech has come a long way but is still limited for what we need for a full stand alone :wink:

I absolutely love that you feel that way… :wink:

Back then Android’s library had issues but Apple’s was solid and tested because it came from Steve Jobs’s NeXTSTEP company.

I appreciate all the information. I have been looking for a tablet with windows 10 that had a good camera for HIP but haven’t found one with a flash. Has anyone used a tablet for the program so you can leave the job with only having to print out the report when you get home?
And has anyone used the camera flash much when inspecting.

I have a Note 4 and didn’t want to invest into another device. HIP, from what I know needs windows and the Note 4 runs Android. There is InspectIT app that I just downloaded on my Note to see what it looks like. I plan on downloading the demo HIP on my wife’s laptop but that’s kinda big to carry around.
What devices and what programs does everyone use?

Pat you can use the Note 4 for HIP Mobile. HIP Mobile runs on iPhone, iPad and Android devices and all you’ll need to do is email when you get home (few people print).

You can add this to any Android tablet as well