Android Home Inspection Software

Just a heads up to any Android users, I just got off the phone with AHIT and their InspectIT Home Inspection Report Mobile Standalone application today (available in the Android Market) is finished (was playing around with the demo on my phone and tablet the past month) and available for license purchase for $745. Also AllInspections, a local company here in Clearwater, is making a standalone as well to be released August 1st and they’re gonna let me test it out as a beta before release to work out bugs. As an Android tablet owner with a rear 5mp camera, and an HTC Evo Shift phone, I am glad to finally see these inspection application products finally coming to market. The idea of being able to take all the pictures and generate a complete report right in the field without a clunky laptop or having to run back and forth from room to room to enter information is something I have been wanting for the past year now as I have been a ReportHost user so far. I’m gonna wait to see what AllInspections looks like as their wind mit, 4 point, and roof inspection app is fantastic, before I make up my mind which to purchase.

Do not jump in just yet as there are better apps on the way.:wink:
I tried to use ahit but there was no real trial.
It has been out since early spring I think.
There are several so far but nothing worth mentioning so far.
I can create reports with regular free apps if I want to.

My Home Guage PDA software works just fine. Why should I pay $745 for a new program to use on a telephone?

Not everyone wants to purchase a PDA.
Have you tried Jeff Knights software ?

Linas, I never said YOU need to pay that for a phone/tablet app. I was just alerting anyone like me who has these technology products and is wanting to put them to use that there appears to be some proprietary products available to us to make our jobs easier. Congrats on being happy with Homegauge PDA.

You shouldn’t… at this time. The PDA has too many advantages currently over the phones…good handwriting recognition with a 640x480 screen that is easy to read outside being 2 of them…and it still fits in your pocket. That does not mean that the Androids and iPhones/iPads will not be a good future choice.

Bob, no I have not tried it. Just checked it out on his site. I am looking more for a standalone Android application that will allow me to use the camera on the back of my phone/tablet and to basically complete an inspection onsite. AHIT basically has it nailed with their Home Inspection App (not their ReportPlus stuff). But am still gonna wait a bit for AllInspections.

If you are already an AHIT software user it might make sense but if not you are better off to wait a little while.

These first ones do not seem quite there yet.

You have the same phone I do so try this for fun.
Create a custom report using a combination of two apps.
First download FreeNote and then download CamScanthe PDF creator.
You can download Free Note straight to cam Scan.
You could actually experiment that way and see if you are comfortable working off the phone before spending the money.

AHIT has no trial which is not a good sign.(at least not when I tried it last spring)

Bob, search the Market for InspectIt Home Inspection. There will be 2 apps, the ReportPlus (garbage) and the Home Inspection, which is the standalone. That basically is the trial, as unless you get the license key, you cannot actually generate the full report but can play with it and enter in all the information. With the software there is no computer version of it. It is a stand alone app only home inspection software, nothing to install on a computer or laptop. I’m gonna go out on one today and use it and enter everything in and see how long it takes me on a trial basis and see like if there are holes in it (ie missing things in the software that commonly come up), but can say from playing around with it on my own the past month, it appears solid.
I have FreeNote and Camscan already installed.

OK thanks for the info.
WOW you found Free Note before now.
You must be a phone app geek like me…:slight_smile:

Fill out your profile.
Your website does not have location info either though it looks like Florida.

Yeah just check it out, its obviously not for everyone but I do like what I see.
Yep, a total tech junkie/geek. And yes, good ole Florida, land of over-regulation, gotta get that profile updated…

No, I’m satisfied with what I’ve got. I’ve spent thousands in software, I don’t want or need anymore.

Purchased the software Monday, mistake, it was $799 with a Dell Streak 7 inch tablet. I bought the Acer Iconia on my own and the software was $499. Well worth it as I did my first inspection onsite on the tablet, took all the pics with it sans attic and only a few minutes on the back end and it was done. Ahhh feels good to leave an inspection and be finished.

This thread looks really old. Any updates? Inspectit is cloud based. Not right for many users. Others are android/windows systems which require a desktop or laptop with the field device. Some require internet upload etc. What’s the news on a real android home inspection software? I only see one for the ipad. None for android.

No, Android and even iPhone and iPad are extremely limited operating systems. They don’t have the capability to do what we need to create a Fully functional stand alone software.

I disagree…our software was stand alone on the first handheld device from Apple…the Newton over 15 years ago. You just need to create software that will do the data collection efficiently and then be able to print it directly from the device. It can be done. If you are talking an office system that is different…I would never create an office type system on a handheld device.

The PDF libraries right now are weak meaning things like digital stationery, borders, and lots of the extras that HIP has become extremely difficult. Also by fully functional guys want full template editing and creation on mobile too.

This is fun to watch! :slight_smile:

with the HG Companion you can do the entire report…except you then have to send to the cloud, then retrieve it from the desktop then hit upload or print.

Even though you can complete the entire report on it…Many choose to use it as a way to set their pictures where they need to go and voice their comments. Then when they bring it down on their laptop they use the convenience of a larger screen to check off items and use the Find unanswered. They could have done it though on the smaller device but say its faster with the combo of the two.

However we have many guys who do it all on the device and then cloud it over to upload/print

That is the one issue with iPhone/iPad and Android solutions is the need of the cloud…I still like the option of sticking in an SD card in the handheld device and exporting the report to it as a Word/pdf document and/or e-mailing it without worrying about the cloud being down. More control for the inspector.