AllInspections is going out of business

Hi Guys,

I’ve had a few calls today from inspectors using AllInspections. Yes, it’s true they’re going out of business. We have our Wind Mit program being tested by several inspectors right now and I plan on releasing it on Google Play tonight or tomorrow and then posting to Apple’s App store as well. If any current users have questions, just let me know.

Looks like you drove another one out of business Dom. Maybe they have some guys for hire… oh wait, that’s HG… nevermind. :mrgreen:

If their graphic artist wants a job, I have some work for him! They may not have had the best business model or program but their graphics guy was awesome.

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That’s one of their parent companies they’ve had for awhile.

I guess you are right Dominic…

They started in the mobile mapping business and that was their niche. They dabbled in the home inspection market but I don’t think there was enough money in the home inspection market to support their staff. They seemed like nice guys. Yes…they come and go in this market.

FYI: We already have the Wind Mitigation form in our software and have been working with major inspection companies in Florida for a couple years now on it. Didn’t want people to think Dominic was the only one doing them. :slight_smile:

FYI: We also have the 4 point and the Citizens Roof Certification form bundled with the Wind Mit.

Did you or can you make an app for a 4 point as well. on google play.Thanks.

Hi Joe,

Yes, you can use the full HIP Mobile program to do 4 point inspections as 4 point is one of our normal Home Inspector Pro templates. We also released a Wind Mit app for Android & iPhone in the last week.