Angi plays the Race To The Bottom card

Get your CHEAP Home Inspector at Angi (Home Advisor)…


There is a sucker born every minute. Both the buyer looking for the cheapest inspection, and the inspector who is not worth more than $199.

Angi is just looking to make money on both of them.


Price of the home inspection is the last thing that should be on the list of questions asked, when the buyer is “shopping” for an Inspector/inspection . Not sure about you guys, but I can count on one one hand the number of inspections I have performed over the past almost 12 years that I have not uncovered enough issues that need repair/attention to payback the clients fee. And that doesn’t include safety issues. So a smart buyer/client should not be purchasing an Inspector (not inspection) based on Price. Yes even a crappy, inexperienced inspector should be able to find enough issues for their client to recoup the $199.95 inspection fee…But at what cost?

Edited to add: Anyone out there need a colonoscopy, I can do those for less (about the cost of a home inspection). I have a borescope… and for those that would rather be sedated during the procedure…I got a hammer, no extra charge.


Nobody wants a free haircut (and when I was on the phones for my company back in the recession I used that line several times on people - some probably didn’t get it until after we hung up).


And I’m so sick of Angi calling trying to convince me that they are the best thing since home inspection software.


They call me once a week. Every time from a different number. I’ve kinda started looking forward to the chance to hang up on them, lol.


Angie’s List is pure evil!


In the fashion of every other Wall Street middleman monopoly, it would make them the King of all home inspectors if they can gain control of the pricing. Merely by facilitating a regressive bidding war between inspectors, they are laying the groundwork for their hegemony. The end result of their reign is that home inspectors lose revenues that would have otherwise been realized in a free market; the depth and quality of home inspections suffers; and home inspection customers are harmed by the poor quality inspections.

I highly doubt Angi would drive home inspection pricing and bring the industry to the brink of destruction.

They just want more clicks than Thumbtack.

  1. They WOULD drive home inspection pricing down (and already have to some degree),
  2. They would not "bring the industry to the “brink of destruction”, BECAUSE they would enjoy CONTROL of the BROADER home inspection industry along with its lower quality, its increased risks, and its lower price points.

You can spin it, and spin it, but the fact is… in my area, the price of a home inspection is the same as it was 20 years ago or in many cases less, depending on the inspector! that’s why many have to book multiple inspections a day and run around like a monkey to make some money. What happened to the inflation? Facts!

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Unfortunately most home inspectors don’t need angi, thumbtack or anything else to be cheap. It’s home inspectors who set the prices and most just want to get the job.


I have recently started quoting 20% more for home inspections and I’m getting more conversions. A buyer who knows the importance of a pre-purchase inspection doesn’t mind paying more. But there is a definite market psychology restraint on higher fees when some bottom-feeders are baiting homebuyers by advertising $249 or even $99 inspections. Without their noise, the average price of a thorough home inspection might be in the $600 to $900 range today.

How so? The inspection company sets their own rate not Angi.

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The Angi leads go to several different inspectors, who each have already been charged a fee for the leads. The inspectors are inclined to offer a lowball fee; or lose the lead fee as well as lose the inspection.

Just by using the words CHEAP Home Inspections, they are setting the tone for the market.

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This is not how it works at all. You are making an assumption of business practices you cannot verify. I will assume you do the same thing when a potential client calls for a quote from you. You can ask $1,000 for an inspection but the market may only support a $500 quote. So I’ll assume you don’t compete for work but charge the $1,000 inspection fee? Anything lower would be a bottom feeder practice.

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Post a link to this Angi ad not a photo.

If you can’t understand the market psychology of lower advertised numbers affecting the overall acceptance rate of higher-range and mid-range fees, then you should probably go back to school. You should also probably avoid being jabbed or otherwise ingesting experimental substances, too, as they are known to cause side effects such as brain fog (and worse).

Just as I thought you’re making assumptions about other business practices with no facts. You seem to be an inspector on the outs anyway.