AngiLeads Home Advisor Thumbtack and other lead generation services

Does anyone have any experience with these lead generation services? I’m currently working with Angi leads and considering Home Advisor and Thumbtack. Does anyone have experience with these? Are they worth the time/ money? Are the leads any good?

Home Advisor is Angi. They purchased it. I have used Angi Leads. You really need someone that can answer and respond to the inquiries immediately. You pay for every contact regardless of if you get the job or not. So, if you’re not able to respond quickly (because you are doing inspections) you might lose out on the job and still pay for the lead. Depending on what you charge for your inspection, these “missed leads” can eat into your profit margin quickly. It would be different if you pay $300 - 500 each month for missed leads but the jobs you did get were $5000 - $10,000 each, not the less than $600 that most inspections generate per inspection.

Kind of a revolving door of inspectors using these “services”. I’ve never heard anyone pleased with it and have heard tons of negative experiences. I think your money would be far better spent on something inspection based rather than something that is just targeted to everyone. At the end of the day I don’t think too many people look for an inspector on Home Advisor, etc. That’s more a place to find a contractor.

Look into Mike Crow’s Million Dollar program or Inspection Empire Builder. I don’t necessarily think these work either but at least they are specific to our industry.


I’m with Angis now - called to cancel and they credited me some leads. I’ve counted 18 leads since signing up and none were good. All were ‘not ready yet’ or looking for engineers or contractors to put on additions. For some reason they credited my yearly signup this year so that’s why I kept it and they’ve credited bunk leads but it’s been a pain. I’m about $80-100 into what I’ve paid and got zero clients. I’m telling myself one or two more tries before I ditch them.

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I used Home Adviser when I first started out. I poured a fair amount of money into the leads. The leads ate up 10% of my home inspection gross. 99% of home inspectors kiss REA ass and swear they would never pay for a lead service. I’d rather pay for a lead.

The result was tens of thousands of dollars after a network was formed. I had fantastic results and was awarded 80% of my leads. I never needed a lead after my first 12 months. I still don’t visit REA’s offices :slightly_smiling_face: Yes you do get some poor leads but you can try Google Ads and pour thousands into ads and never get a ring. Results vary and most will have an opinion and never have used the service. They will say it’s for new inspectors that offer cheap prices. Funny how I always hear I’m the most expensive inspector they contacted and still use me.

Bottom line is the lead service brings the client to you. You need to sell that client and up-charge as much as you can. Make them understand why you cost more and learn to close the deal.


I use Thumbtrack and it gets me some jobs. I also get leads that I’m charged for that want contractors but, so far, I’ve had no problem getting refunded.

You’re going to much more than that to get the ball rolling. Once you get ratings you’ll be awarded more work. $100 isn’t going to get the phone to ring in any business.

Ya I understand that but it would be over $1,000 hadn’t I called to dispute leads and threaten to cancel. Not to mention all the calls and emails to those prospective leads that wasted my time. I’m still with them so a little more time will tell - but so far it isn’t worth it. Rather spend the money (if I paid into Angie’s full price) somewhere else more productive.

You have a nice website Adam. It will take 1-5 years to get the business rolling on its own.

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I don’t recommend using angi/home advisor. I used them for about 2 months. All you’re going to get are people looking for the lowest price. Sometimes people don’t even know why you’re calling. A lot fake leads. If you google “best home inspector near me” scroll down and you’ll find “Jensen brothers” it’s a fake company that angi uses, the client fills out the forum and that goes to several inspectors. When the client gets calls from 7 different companies (none of them Jensen brothers) they are pissed. Just my thoughts, stay far away!


What would you suggest for closing the leads? I’ve spoken on the phone with a few clients, but they all say they need to speak with someone, before they can set a date. Do you have a script I could follow for closing the leads?

I don’t have a script every call is unique. You will know what works for you when you close a deal. Learn what it took and polish your skills.


Zactly, Martin…get to know who you are talking to and capitalize on it.


Before you give them any price, make them tell you when they need it. (This goes for other stuff too).

How can you tell them you can do the job when they can’t tell you when it needs to be done by? You want them to think you just sit around on your hands all day waiting for people like them?!

If they can’t give you the information, why should you? They aren’t the one asking the questions, you are. You can’t tell them what they need, they don’t know themselves most of the time. You have to ask the questions and make them realize what they need.

When you use these marketing services, you are bidding below the lowest price someone else is willing to do it for, not for what your capable of. Is that how you want to start? If so, it’s going to be a long haul.

Get yourself a Real Estate marketing book, these people know how to sell a service business.

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Run away from all of these as fast as you can…AngiLeads, Home Advisor and Thumbtack…

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What’s the best real estate marketing book you would reccomend?

FTC Charges HomeAdvisor, Inc. with Cheating Businesses, Including Small Businesses, Seeking Leads for Home Improvement Projects

Since 2014, Angi affiliate has misrepresented the quality, source of leads, and likelihood they would result in actual jobs, agency alleges

March 11, 2022

The Federal Trade Commission today issued an administrative complaint against Denver-based HomeAdvisor, Inc. – a company affiliated with Angi – alleging it used a wide range of deceptive and misleading tactics in selling home improvement project leads to service providers, including small businesspeople operating in the “gig” economy.

The FTC’s complaint against HomeAdvisor alleges that since at least the middle of 2014 it has made false, misleading, or unsubstantiated claims about the quality and source of the leads the company sells to service providers, such as general contractors and small lawn care businesses, who are in search of potential customers.


Ask a realtor. It’s been 30 years since I had my broker’s license.Ask who is the best these days.

Ian, I just went to your website:

Your phone number isn’t anywhere to be found. Long before you try to buy leads, do the basics first. Have you read much that I’ve written about marketing?


I have tried them all. You will be lucky if you break even. People that are “just curious” about what an inspection costs will eat into you profit, and they will only refund you on a few bad leads. Develop relationships with real estate agents and brokers, mortgage brokers, and insurance agents. These will generate your real leads.

If you try any of these lead generating services, track what you earn and spend very ccarefully. I think you will find your ROI sucks.

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