Angie's List gets bought out. Joins HomeAdvisor.

I am a fan and member of Angie’s list but I am not a fan of Home Advisor.
I see this as a bad deal for me and sad to see and hear this news.

Two scams merging into one larger scam.

If you think you got spammed before by HA, just wait until they get their grubby mitts on Angie’s “list”!

Now they just need to link in the BBB and they can consolidate the trinity

Agree with the previous 3 responses. Birds of a feather…

Not surprising …Maybe they can throw in YELP as well.

What’s wrong with Yelp? A few bad reviews?

I was thinking Inspectopia needs to be part of this merger. :wink:

Interesting. Jokes and critics aside it demonstrates how the public is searching for trades people. Disregard the marketing methods they use on vendors and think about how they tapped a viable demand resource.

One word… FREE!

Nuff said.

From the article:

Nailed it!

And it appears that Google has made some sort of deal with Angie’s List that gives AL priority in Google’s search rankings…

Good news.

I’m surprised Angies lasted this long.

Funny, the amount of SPAM emails I’m getting from Angie’s list has more than doubled in the last few days.

They are blowing up my email. Even recycled articles from years ago are being pushed. I can’t imagine that anything has changed internally this quick but it sure appears that way.