Angie's list

Just recieved email it is free now.
Anyone know more?

Been free for some time around here, like over a year. They really had no choice.

The days of “You can’t pay to be on Angies List” were actually gone many years ago.

Guess you need to sign up.

It’s now a tiered service;
Green, free, Silver $25/yr, Gold $99/yr.


It started in Columbus.

They just changed around here. And for the worst. Searching is more difficult with only “special deals” instead of everybody listed. Received an email about a week ago notifying me of the current change. I called and cancelled my membership instead of paying for an upgrade. Not what they used to be. 2nd rate at best now.

And it appears they will hide your listing if you don’t advertise. Unless nobody advertises around you. They have called me 3 times in the last 2 weeks and said they would drive all of the searchers straight to my listing for a fee since I have the most reviews in my market.

Well that answered most of my questions before I even asked them.