Angled OCPD at meter

I’ve seen several like that.

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I have seen several like that usually on condo complex’s.

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Does anyone know the reason why it’s angled?

I would think they manufactured it that way for a reason.?.

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Yes, inquiring minds want to know.
Maybe strain relief / bend radius in that configuration. But i am curious as well.


As Neil mentioned it could be to comply with the minimum bend radius spacing of the terminals. A photo without the cover would probably shed some light on the reason of why it was done that way.


, Those breakers are not intended to be cockeyed like that, the work is sloppy at best but the only way to verify is to remove the dead front cover to see what lurks underneath. Only other time I have seen anything like it is some photos where a doofus stuck a screwdriver into a live meter stack & lit things up, the breakers were as cockeyed because of the fault current the bus was being subjected to, although that 3 gang meter was not subjected to the same thing.

Given how many I have seen, I have to disagree.

Just for fun, here were some from today.

(I know this thread is a few months old…)