Announcement of Vendor Section on the Message Board

InterNACHI is in the process of building a new section of its acclaimed message board dedicated to vendors who wish to discuss products and services offered. This section is dedicated to vendors and is created to fulfill a need. Vendors may post announcement, answer questions, and crow about their wares in this new section, which will be viewable and accessible by the public. Along with the Vendor Section, a set of message board rules for vendors and Code of Ethics for vendors is being created by InterNACHI Management and its Ethics and Standards of Practice Committee. These important improvements will be fully implemented within the next 4 to 6 weeks.

Good idea.

When does the members other members don’t like section of the message board open?

Please knock it off Troy. You are clueless as to the nature and drive behind the need to create this section.

The new section will serve the membership well.

Give him a break Joe, he needs a drink.:wink:

**Just as soon as we can find another member other than you to banish there! **

Yes, because I cause so much trouble here :roll:

It will be just another section for those who do not like a vendor to hang out there and continue the same behavior that has been going on for months. Now it’s just going to be wrapped in a different package under the guise of benefiting the membership. :roll:

Actually you have become quite the instigator lately just sticking jabs in where they are now warranted.


James, I am entitled to my opinion just as much as you are. Just because mine differs from yours does not mean I am instigating anything.

Are you telling me your opinion is warranted more than mine or any other member. Give me a break. You are part of the if you don’t think our way it’s the wrong way club.

I respect the fact that you and others do not appreciate what has happened here, but it was not not a one sided affair though. You have already attacked me once previously which I didn’t feel was warranted, but guess what it’s your opinion of which I could care less.

Troy. Enjoy your vacation. Nothing to see here but babies.

Why don’t you and Troy bury the hatchet and go have a few drinks together? This appliance inspection fiasco is over.

It makes you giggle every time you type it doesn’t it :wink:

I never said any of that. Just that sometimes you are blinded by the things. Myself and many others here only question things for the better of us all. Just want to be sure nobody gets involved with someone or something that isn’t 100% kosher. You cant go running around believing everything every vendor tells you without investigating the whole picture first. Now if you want to believe everything someone tells you …well hey all the power to you, I however will make much more educated and prudent business decisions…

You may be new at business decision making and hey that’s cool, but this is not my first rodeo my friend. i have owned a few multi million dollar companies and have seen and dealt with many good and some bad people, but regardless of the end results I do my own research before following like a sheep.

So when I or anyone asks a direct question of a vendor, new or old it is simply a means to gather vital information, you don’t always need to jump in and think there is some other agenda other than trying to gather knowledge. Remember Knowledge is your best tool.



You know I have tried and tried again to help you, but I am beginning to think it is a waste of time.:frowning:


James you did say that I was sticking jabs where they are not warranted. Your words. You have no idea what my background is in business, education or anything else for that matter.

You have no idea what goes into my decision making process when it comes to implementing something into my business plan.

You have no idea what information is vital to anyone’s business but your own.

You have no idea what resources that I utilize to look into something further before I utilize it. Implying that people are sheep because they use a particular product or service that you do not use is your opinion based only on your opinion which I believe you are entitled to.

I have a degree in Finance and Economics, I’m not an idiot, and I have made sound business decisions for myself and my business which is reflected in my growth and client satisfaction.

I see that you now are one of “the sheep” that believes in the “We Make it Safer” site. Personally, I think it’s a crap service, but that is just my opinion and is why I wouldn’t subject my clients to that tedious site. The difference is I respect your decision and others to utilize it because in the end I believe there is still valuable information to be gained.

You and I have our own opinions, but they are not the only ones.

Do you feel better now?..:cool:


I didn’t feel bad to begin with :slight_smile:

You are a terrible person, one of the worst I have heard of. If this is how members treat each other I want nothing to do with it. The head of ethics is posting in this very thread and nothing is done about WOW. It is one thing one people flame each other here but lately it has gone way too far.
To attack people just to be mean is wrong and should not be tolerated in any environment.

This message board and some of the people on it… have come to new disgusting lows lately. How embarrassing for the organization.