Another Edition of Pimp My Thermal Imager

Has anybody made any custom mods to their cameras that’s proved to be very helpful?

I’ve tried alot of different stuff with the TI32 but one obstacle I simply can’t overcome is being able to keep it on me while doing other things and keeping it safe at the same time. I either have to have it in my hand or completely set it down. I’ve tried hanging it from my work belt but you can’t even walk at a normal pace without it starting to swing like a boulder in a sack. I sorta miss the design of my old FLIR.

Here’s a couple additions I made to my FLUKE that have earned a permanent position.

  • A tatical lithium light/laser combo mounted on a quick release post. It will light up an entire room or attic space(vs a cabinet space). Battery’s last me over 2-3 weeks. It’s detachable for regular flashlight use. It’s perfect! $120 at any major gun or hunting store.

  • A magnet mounted on the top left for the purpose of holding the wide or tele lens cap cover. I put a small sliver of metal on the lens covers so they would stick an stay to the magnet vs. me trying to keep up with them in other ways. $4 at Wal-Mart

  • A flash handle modded to attach my camera instead of a flash. This comes in real handy when your trying to look fancy. Your flashlight, laser, camera, and thermal imager are all connected in one sharp looking unit. As they say, it’s alot about bells and whistles. I don’t use this often but it does come in VERY handy when you have to get a digital picture and IR image of each component from the same location. $15 at Best Buy.

Anybody have any other or better ideas?

Buy camera bag from Walmart and cut hole in the bottom (for handle to stick through). Hang bag around neck.
Works great. My IR camera, digital camera and small flash light stay with me at all times.


why not just the bag it cam with?


it comes with a bag why would you buy one. (keys sticking on the lap top)
I try to type slower so you can follow John lol

The bag it comes with is no good to me. It’s too big, clunky, and not designed to be worn over your shoulder. Currently I keep my IR camera in the bag with all my other stuff so I don’t have to toat an entirely separate bag for it.

I’ve tried 4-5 different bags at horsing events and I’ve yet to find one that’s efficient for carrying anything except the camera an camera alone. If you need to get out a brochure or some marketing material than you might as well plan on setting the camera down.

The FLIR has a nice shoulder bag that will easily hold your camera, business cards, brochures, lens, etc… while also making it easy to get the camera or other items in an out without lifting an entire top flap or feeling the need to set it down.

Basically I’ve given up trying to find the perfect bag. The camera is just to odd of a design to do what I want it to do.

I’m not meaning to talk negative about the camera. The Ti32 is an incredible camera in MANY respects but I often find myself missing my old FLIR. The Ti32 can get real tiring to hold up in front of you after a couple hours. It’s also a pain in the *** if your needing to look at something in front and above you. You have to hold the camera way out in front of you while trying to skrunch down to get a decent view of the screen. The articulating lens on the FLIR will really spoil you if you aren’t careful.

That’s not a bad idea but I keep my wide-angle lens on at all times which makes it pretty wide as well as pretty long.

I guess I’m gonna try an configure some sort of shoulder or neck strap. The problem is I can’t attach a strap to the bottom b/c it will swing and I can’t attach it to the top because there’s nothing to attach it to. Looks like I’m gonna have to cut holes into the thick rubber protective shell.

Ti32 is what i have , I use the bag it came with and just slide it in the tool bag i carry in , Do my scan set it back in , I have a flir infra cam also smaller easier to use for comfort, but i love the Ti32.The only thing i miss is the laser i was thinking of mounting a laser pointer on it . good idea you have .
i do my inspection then the scan . I quess i never felt like hauling it around during the inspection around my neck. I guess if i was doing a large commerical building it would be handy.
BTW if you know any one that wants to get started i i am thinking of selling the flir. just shoot me a email or call


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