Another fantastic shingle installation...

The installer of these shingles was half the price of the other roofer. The homeowners hired them because they were the lowest bidder for this roof installation.

Now I can see why they bid so low…

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Also, check out the nice neat flashing at the chimney.
roof (1).JPG

All lined up perfectly, huh?
roof (2).JPG

When the homeowners called the roofers and complained about a leak in the roof already, they came out and repaired it right away.
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roof (4).JPG

Beautiful work of art. From that angle it looks like the gutters won’t get clogged…

With that well thought out style of laying them down, they were probably done in a day though. Unbeliveable, except we saw the pics. Just stupidity on some peoples part.

That is classic…and I thought that no one read the installation instructions on the wrappers…



Check out my new construction inspection this week…:roll:
Not to mention the infrared results on the interior;-)






Absoutely unbelievable.

How can these things happen?

Marcel :slight_smile:

The roofer said those will laydown once the suns beats on em for a few days.:^o

Daaaaammmmn…!! :shock:

“Get 'er done by noon, and we’ll go for beers and bananas…” :smiley:

“No, you can’t have the Xacto knife, only us guys wit thumbs can use those…” :smiley:

We racked them…isn’t that the way everyone does it???*

  • Note: Most do rack them!!!

Well, they rack them in a nice pattern so they don’t leak right away. :stuck_out_tongue:


Isn’t it pitiful?? …“Huh?? If I install them randomly to get rid of the pattern, I’ll get mixed up and won’t know where to start after break!”

A building we supplied blown attic insulation and the HRV system to in the mid-late 1980’s. That roof is about 20 years old, still in good condition and only has a 10 year warranted shingle. This is the south facing slope. Shingle colour, shingle colour, shingle colour.


Hmmmm, lets see. I’ve got a very hard decision to make.

Would I rather have this installation (at a much higher labor cost)…

or would I rather save money on labor and get this type of installation…
roof (2).JPG

I think I’ll save money and hire the local dudes.

It’s definitely not rocket science…


Appears to be an overlay.

Beside aesthetics what were the problems along with the rake eave absence of material?

Proof you get what you aren’t willing to pay for.

This install will make tear off much easier unless they actually used long enough nails.

I’m not sure why the shingles at the rake side came off so quickly. I’m thinking inadequate nailing and the method of installation. It’s a fantastic repair job though. Isn’t it?

So it was an overlay :roll: bet they used 1-1 1/4" nails at best, see this all the time down here. First good wind storm and they peel like a week old banana or if your into muscle cars like my old Hemi-Cuda!

Yep, makes me proud to see the “south of the border” techniques. Global economy labor sharing program hard at work, even in MA. :wink:

Guess y’all didn’t know all the perks to free trade NAFTA agreement. Wait until the trucks arrive, makes the morning commute very interesting.