Another Fine Job done

It been one of those ( here is your sign day )lol

It looks like spaghetti , but where are the critical issue?
Other than a few doubles .
I’ll look again.

Roy Lewis

I’ve been pondering this.
This service sub had 5- 15’s, 2- 20’s and a double 30 breakers.
It just doesn’t seem correct. But haven’t had time to check it out .
However , Those feeds look like #8 to me.

I thought it was a Ground and Neutral on the same lug…

That’s is what I see.

Yes i was venting lolol why do they insist sticking the under the main lug

Its Magic ,
they have 15 white wires from 8 breakers .
they17 bare small grounds and
various large grounds and white wires too .

How can you tell? Is that from photo #1 or #2?

Here is a complete pic. The electrical inspector passed it two day ago.

So what’s the problem? You’re not adding up the breakers are you? That’s not how load calculations work.

I see one of those a week, too…its not just limited to that side of the Mississippi…:stuck_out_tongue:

No problem. I would have used a larger feed.
But , that#8 is adequate for that sub.
It just look small when I first looked at it.

Yes Dale it is a git er done moment 2 or 3 times a week . I was just getting tried of the complaining when we write it up. The old it has been like that for years routine. :wink:

I do most all home inspections for the police officers of the Toledo OH dept
here is a 3000 sq ft home I performed an inspection on yesterday .

It’s a lil 100 amp panel with more issues than I care to address…
How do you like the Main lugs ?
They decided to feed a 60 amp sub in the garage with it …
Looks like she’s been damn close to combustion already .

two double taps in breakers as well, grounds and neutrals are all jammed together trippled up and plenty of loose electrodes in that bus as well…

She got a big RED note, and a recommendation for a new 200 amp installed asap !

Look closely ! It’s a quad Tapped Breaker !

I admit I’ve not seen anything remotely close to that mess in many moons.

I’ve never seen anything that bad, and I inspect remodels performed by “my uncle, an electrician in the coal mines”…