Another free book "Environmental Concerns" for all NACHI members.

NACHI is buying these in bulk and passing the savings on to the members.

These are $2.95 each on our website and you have to buy 125 at a time.

Way to go Nick. Always helping the members.

NACHI has ordered thousands of these and been sending them out daily.

Feedback? Anyone who has received one?

What did you think?

Do you like it?

Have you handed it out to clients? What was the response?

Let’s hear from some of you.

Jay, I ordered and received my one free copy from NACHI. Didn’t take long to receive it.

I’ve looked at it, and it seems to have some useful info in it. Seems to be a compilation of mold, lead, and radon info from three EPA sources: “A brief guide to mold, moisture, and your home.” “Protect your family from lead in your home.” and “A citizen’s guide to radon.” It’s convenient to have them all put together in one item, but I’m also wondering if they are free when ordered directly from the EPA? I haven’t checked into that angle yet.

I didn’t give it to a client, since I only have the one copy. And it would have to be a client with those specific concerns (mold, lead, or radon).


Yes you can order it from the government for free. Each booklet is seperate. The size of the book EPA booklets is 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 and printed on newsprint quality paper without a heavy cover.

Our book is a combination of those books, reformatted to 8 1/2 x 11, with a heavy, glossy cover and heavy paper for the pages. We even fixed the typo’s in the EPA publications.

Jay, Yes I agree that your edition is much nicer - more presentable, easier to read than most government publications. You guys did a good job with it. It should prove interesting and helpful to clients who have environmental concerns.

I received it. It is real Nice’s. But have to order 125 at a time?

How do you do that without violating copywright?

By the way, I want to throw in a little unsolicited plug for Jay Keany, the guy who is selling these books. He spoke about marketing at a southern Colorado chapter meeting a couple of months ago, and he did a very good job. Recently I’ve been pretty tired of people trying to sell me stuff, so I can easily get cynical. But Jay did not do that in his presentation. He talked about the basics of marketing for an inspector, including some important guerrilla marketing ideas. His “sales pitch” was minimal, and it fit in well with the overall presentation. I found several useful ideas for my business in his talk. If you would like a practical speaker for a chapter meeting, I would recommend him.


We have permission.

That’s the short answer.


Thank you for your kind words.

I am very pleased to know that you found my presentation helpful. As a speaker, I am always curious if people found it useful.


On our website,, the minimum is 125.

NACHI is offering any quantity with this offer.

Just curious for personal edification. So the gov’t will give permission to reprint and bind publications so that private party’s can sell them for a profit?

I’m surprised. Then I am also surprised more people aren’t doing it.

I got my box of them from the door prize I won…Nice Booklet ! already giving them away to people…:slight_smile:


I’m not directly involved in that process, but I do know that we received permission to print and sell. That’s all I know. Sorry.

Thanks Jay, I just am curious because it opens up alot of options for people if that is the case.

Wendy, I have been saying the same thing for years… Almost every informational book you see out in there is a reprint in the authors format or even in the same format that the government has already printed.

Wendy, have you looked at the EPA’s site at all? All of the informational pages here on the NACHI web site that as a member of NACHI you have permission to put on your own personal web site is a cut & paste of their web pages. (Mold page, Radon page, IAQ pages, etc.) You don’t have to have NACHI’s permission they are on the government sites and are public domain. ( some may not be public domain but they will say so on the page.) You only need NACHI’s permission to link to the NACHI owned pages… because you would be using NACHI’s baudwidth when you link to them.

Did what I just typed make any sense? I have taken some pain pills and I’m a little out of it right now.
A good time to use spell check!!

Thanks Jason! That is VERY helpful!!! VERY!!! :slight_smile:

I know what you mean with the pain pills. I have to take them for severe endometriosis and pelvic adhesions. That’s why I’m a little sensitive about people joking (not you) about being on pain pills for fun. It isn’t much fun when you don’t have any choice as to whether or not to take them and your life is a living hell if you don’t. I’d give anything to go off of them. I need surgery but no one to care for the kids or earn money if I do that.

Jason is basically correct.

All the text and pics found within all the articles at the Citizen’s Information Center at are either governement authored (so you don’t need permission to copy) or NACHI authored (so you have permission to copy) or a combination of both.

Jay, speaking of and the former CertifiedNACHIStore, I was wondering about the Homeowners Handboook? For a while there it was being published section by section at the NACHI website. But I haven’t seen a new section since chapter 1, section 7. Any plans to continue publishing on the website? I was enjoying having that available. Thanks.