Free case of Environmental Concerns books. Free for IAC2 members.

If you will do a few things to help promote your business for 2009… I’ll buy the supplies and ship them to you now… absolutely free.

  1. Email me your mailing address to P.O. Boxes are O.K. Put “Environmental Concerns books” in the subject line.
  2. I’ll ship you a case of Environmental Concerns books (a 32 page full color book). I’ll pay for the packing. I’ll pay for the shipping.
  3. Staple your business card to the bottom left corner of the front of these books. You can also affix a sticker with your contact information on each book.
  4. On the front covers, scribble with a big magic marker “Do not throw out!
  5. Deliver them to the broker/owner or manager of each real estate office in your local market.
  6. Ask if they want an additional copy for their real estate office lobby. If they do, give them one. I’ll buy you more.

After you deliver them, post that you delivered them on this thread and roughly where you delivered them to.

I know it sounds goofy for me to ask that you announce on this thread that you actually delivered them… but… I really, really, don’t want anyone to just take these expensive books just because they are free. I am aware of members who just like taking free stuff, but never actually put any energy into making money with them. So PLEASE… ONLY take them if you are actually willing to put your contact information on them, actually deliver them, and actually post here after they’ve been delivered.

These are the marketing gifts that keep on marketing you… and now they are free (while supplies last).

If you are truly willing to put your contact information on these books, then drive around and deliver them, I’m willing to pay for them (I’ll pay the shipping to you as well).

Stuff a few of your inspection brochures or flyers in each of them as well.

This free offer available to members of IAC2. Not a member? Join for free now:

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I have never belonged to a group that does more for their members than you.

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