another incompetent inside basement system bimbo

Don’t bother reading this is yer a weak, sorry mfr… got dat? Go play with door knobs errr sUM–TIN

He says the wall is bowed in about 2 inches and you can see some efflorescence on wall, hmmm, what ta do, wtf TA do. Well, if one listens to terdzz like this then they’ll get ripped off as …:45 he says homeowners should install an interior system and says they have a pretty lil vapor barrier for ya

So paying him a shttload of money to install crap on the inside will not STOP the water, nor the efflorescence and does not relieve, remove any exterior weight/pressure against the stoooopid azz basement wall, g dang.

What THAT wall has is something like this wall has,it’s slightly bowed in and has EXTERIOR frickkkkkkkken cracks that allow water and salts inside and the ONLY fk—me way to relieve any pressure is exterior waterproofing which will also stop the fk–me water and salts/efflorescence from entering… how stupid are you?

The bubblehead in first video, some will say looks/seems ‘professioanl’… looool versus MY azz, Bubbmilk----man who seems pizzzzed fk–me off sometimes and NOT soooooooooooo ‘professional’. Well, if some want THAT kind of professional mood/appearance then you better hire SCAMMERS like him and bypass my stinky azz, in other wordzzz, OPEN WIDE for chunkkkkkkieeeeeee baby, got milk?