More lies,misinformation,bulshtt---Exterior excavation not the best choice

Morons ](,)](,)](*,)

Just more bulshtt from an inside system co.

Eh shttheads, eyeball my photos and much more often than not, exterior excavation aka exterior waterproofing is not only the best choice its the fcg ONLY choice if one is going to STOP water from entering AND relieve,lessen exterior pressure/weight off the friggin wall and fix any deteriorated,disintegrated blocks and mortar joints and very often stop-prevent mold and efflorescence and fcg insects…radon gas also enters through this shtt

What a crock of absolute BuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuLLLLLLLLshttt.

Here’s an inside system piece of shtt for you and since it was installed…cracks widening,still leaking,more mold and efflorescence…dumbazz!
And over $15,000 for this incompetent,fraudulent piece of shtt system.

Click each photo to ENLARGE…use arrow in middle of each pic on RIGHT to forward
Eh…look at this bowed wall and some deteriorated blocks az hole

Here’s a video for yer BUBBLEHEAD AZ, an interior system was installed…see what the fc happened SINCE dumbazz!

G amn scamming,lying,incompetent pieces of shttttttttttttttttttttt!

The piece of shtt artcile is…WRONG, its mis g damm information…and i say and fcg KNOW the drivel written is incompetent nonsense!!!

Underground tree root AGAINST basement wall, corner…caused the cracks and caused the fck leak!!! Your inside system BULLLshHHtTtT doesn’t fix,repair ANY of the above or any other g dammmmmm job i’ve seen/estiamte or done, NOT ONE az HOOOOOO!

What does your dumbazz do for ANYTHING, any house,wall,problem like these?
N o t h i n g!
And you fcg terds charge as much or MORE $$$, yes you fcg do!!!
And ummm DUHHHH, what happened to YOUR scammball company INSTA DRY, huh???
Out of buisness…so much for those SUPPOSED lifetime guarantees. Man, hate these cheating sobs.

Man that basement looks bad.

How ya doing Mr Fogarty?
Which one? :mrgreen:

First link, inside system was installed…LOLOlOLLLL!
Cracks widening, mold,efflorescence,still leaking…inside system cost over $15,000! Actually i think it was closer to $17,000. And what did the homeowner get done? LOlOlOLlllll…nothing! Nothing they ever needed and nothing that helped, thats why homeowner eventually found/called my az.

Nothing that was going to STOP the water from where it STILL enters causing more mold and efflorescence.
And the dumb az interior basement system did not (never does, lol) relieve,lessen,remove the CAUSE(s) of most cracks,leaks.

2nd link, that was BAD man, tons of water entering THROUGH multiple EXTERIOR cracks,THROUGH the joints between the blocks,deteriorated blocks etc…plus bowed wall.
An inside system company gave these homeowners an estimate for somewhere around $10,000…and AGAIN…what the fc would THAT have done? Zeeeeeeeeeeero.

The video, same dumb azz crrrap. Interior system was installed, did NOTHING to ‘stop’ the water from where its entering AND again, did not remove,relieve ANY exterior pressure/weight OFF the g dang walls.

Happens every day, every city to many homeowners and THAT is VERY fc’d up!
The inside system CHISELERS/frauds get TONS of money and us honest,very g dammmm experienced contractors get peanuts and barely eek out a living as there are more n more of these incompetent sob’s getting into this shtthead,fcd up business. And thats the fcg truth.

That video is priceless. Useless inside sytem all around the walls and everything went to crap anyway. Who would’ve thought. :roll:

Useless is correct sir and more and more companies keep installing this garbage, it is ‘all’ they do and that is skeery. They claim to be experts, they claim they’re the best, they always say how honest they are…THEY are full of shttt.

Went to builders supply to get some materials for small job yesterday and a concrete/masonry owner sees my truck(waterproofing) and asks me what i think of interior systems and how often i/we install them, lol!

I said, NEVER. He goes on to say for 2 years he started installing interior systems and kept having trouble/getting call backs on almost all of them.

Needless to say, Bubb’s pretty much laid shtt out for him and inside systems. He said, basement waterproofing is a tough business, said its difficult to find the problems. I told him, not if one knows w t f they’re doing. He said he didn’t wanna fight/argue about it, lol.

I almost but did not tell him, why the hll did you/your company start installing interior systems(Bsmt waterproofing) when you have little if any g dang experience doing it. So many THINK all they need to do for ANY leaky basement is install an interior system and sump and everything will be fine, friggin nonsense.

Hey John, I have a dewatering installer arguing with me over his system being adequate to address a wall bulging.

I disagree with the idea that a dewatering system can relieve the pressure as he is describing including pressure due to frost. This wall was cracking horizontally at the frost line and a stair step at one end with about an 1" of deflection inward.

Am I wrong or on the right track? What would you tell him?

Just more proof these inside system/de-dorking people are incompetent.
Pressure against a wall,soil weight,soil swell (and other things/causes such as undeground roots etc) are on-against the OUTSIDE of the basement wall so installing a dumb az interior system/dewatering system does NOT remove,relieve the WET SOIL or underground roots against a wall or a tree stump against a wall(have posted pics) or a porch footing etc.

The dewatering person yet again, has NOT a clue.

A dewatering system doesn’t even waterproof any wall or part of any wall that has EXTERIOR cracks (posted many) so water will CONTINUE to enter, to pass-through any exterior crack or cracked parging or loose-weak mortar joints hence, the wall will get weaker…sometimes slowly, other times fairly quick.

Again, these terds are NOT diagnosing/identifying the homeowners actual problems and most likely are not telling/explaing any of this to homeowner and instead, telling homeowners a bunch of SHTTTT aka, lies,misinformation etc in order to sell that DUMB AZZ INCOMPETENT piece of shttttt system.

Example, if a TREE landed on your ROOF and it caused damaged/openings in duh roof, would anyone IN—THEIR—FRIGGIN—RIGHT—MIND say/think they could fix the problems INSIDE, like installing some drain tiles and 99 sump pumps in the ATTIC?

Would THAT, remove,relieve the WEIGHT (G dammm TREE) that caused the damage/openings in roof?

Would it “stop” further water from entering?

Would it repair the actual g dammmm damage to the roof?

Anyone answering yes needs to be kicked in the azz and hit upside the head about 1,000 times with a piece of heavy mining equipment.

NOBODY on this increasingly fcd up planet can relieve/remove exterior pressure/weight off any basement wall by installing ANY interior system.

THAT VIDEO in FIRST post (4th link,yahoo video) shows that a dumb azz INTERIOR system with several sump pumps did NOT remove,relieve exterior PRESSURE against that wall!

And look at the 2nd link(picas), cracked walls, still leaking etc…and an interior system was installed…so, why are cracks WIDENING? lololl The IDIOTS!!!

Hence YOU are on track sir and…again, lol, the inside system person is full of SHTTTT.

I’d LOVE love LUV luv an opportunity in a g dammmmm courtroom to sink these inside system terds once and for all! They have all the money, can afford the best lawyers but IF their lawyers aren’t DUMMIES like them then it would never go to court as their lawyers would EASILY see i’m right/John M is right,Capizzo and a handful of others/exterior contractors are right and their clients are wrong. Let’ see, John M, Capizzo and my azz, about 100 years of being in business and ZERO complaints versus many inside system Co’s who get 5,10,50 homeowner complaints every 3 years! (and those terds are in bed with DUH BBB, they many more complaints than that)

Say one more time, these inside system companies are full of shtttt, they are NOT diagnosing and then fixing most (just about all) homeowners actual problems and they often make disparaging,false statements about us experienced–honest mfrs.
Most building Dept inspectors do NOT understand much if any on this subject so they are NO help to homeowners just like, least here in MI, many (not all!!) home inspectors are full O’ shtt on this subject…yes, they really are. Doesn’t make me happy so say it but that is simply the TRUTH.

I’d bet one out of ten would if the system was for sale, some folks just ain’t all there, as you know, Mark…:stuck_out_tongue:

Hear you loud 'n clear Mr D!!! :mrgreen:

Basement wall collapses

Again, no inside system, no dewatering system would have helped stopped anything like this.

When these inside system terds drill holes in blocks, all they are doing in letting the water that is getting into the blocks, out.

Water is getting into the blocks on the OUTSIDE!!!

It’s getting into the blocks through EXTERIOR cracks in the wall or cracked parging etc so, NO inside system stops/prevents the water from getting in, you have to go outside to friggin accomplish that!!! sheesh

Water will CONTINE to enter those blocks, will continue to pass through the exterior cracks/cracked parging,through mortar joints because…
they do not waterproof exterior cracks etc!

Drilling ho’s on inside blocks does NOT not NOT relieve,remove exterior weight/soil pressure/underground roots etc!!!

When you drill holes in blocks and see water shooting out of them, that is water that got into the blocks on the outside and that water sometimes accumulates/fills some of the CORES of some of the blocks.

So these inside terds are thinking, ‘gee WHIZZER, we are relieving pressure’. Pffffft! The REAL PRESSURE is the WEIGHT of the SOIL, the water IN the SOIL, soil swell…against-the-wall,acting upon duh wall.
Again, water will CONTINUE to get into the blocks because they don’t find and then fix/waterproof the exterior problems.

They don’t remove,relieve ANY soil pressure because they don’t dig the shtt out!

Ya know, some walls crack,leak and sometimes bow in because of OTHER exterior causes, some include…underground roots, tree stump against wall, concrete,porch footing etc! So…does any interior system REMOVE these OFF the wall? NOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo!!!

Here’s an inside system installed, some call it a dewatering system, 3 sump pumps were installed…first of all, how much ya think this COST?

Since the interior system and sumps were installed, wall has now bowed in, more cracks and leaks…now what? lol

Did the inside system and sump pumps remove,relieve exterior PRESSURE???
Fc no! Get real…got milk?

That elderly couple are in VA…what does Fairfax County VA say about basement wall damage, bowed walls???
Scroll down a little to…Basement Wall Damage <<------
Under the 2 images…RESOLUTION,
“To prevent future damage,the clay MUST be REMOVED and replaced by sandy,gravelly soils”…and waterproofed…OUTSIDE!

Gee, how come inside system companies do NOT tell homewoners this!!!

Would you look at this photo please…ZOOM IN if ya like
Will any interior system, dewatering system and 999 sump pumps and 888 wall anchors stop FURTHER deterioration like this? Hlll no, not on this planet.
Ask yourself,just on this alone/block deterioration, how many homeowners have 1 or more exterior blocks disintergrate/wall bowed in and had some inside system company talk them into an inside bulshhtt system when what they really needed was exterior waterproofing,huh?

What would YOU PEOPLE call that? BubbaMilk calls that incompetence/negligence and-or frrrrraud==a false representation of matter of fact by false or misleading statements or concealment of what SHOULD have been disclosed…intent to deceive for self gain!

Basement Systems…bulshht, lies,misinformation etc
Say it again, incompetent. Sob’s apparently don’t UNDERSTAND enough.

Can’t get into all of the bulshht here but where they have,
“An interior waterproofing systems relieves water pressure instead of fighting it”

2nd paragraph they erroneously claim, ‘No exterior waterproofing treatment can prevent ground water from leaking through the gap between the basement slab and the basement wall’. COMPLETE bullsht.

You really need to learn…eyeball all of my g dang photos/jobs, 99% leaked at the g dammmmm GAP between floor and wall and all had EXTERIOR cracks,cracked parging etc and the ONLY way of stopping that water from where the fc it was coming in was…exterior waterproofing, thats right boys and girls.

The other 1% of leaks/water at gap-floor/wall in photos was DUE TO a blockage in the g dang lateral line which an honest plumber can fix/snake.

NONE of them needed ANY type of interior bulshtt system, Z E R O!

35 years of this! Zero lawsuits/complaints. Same goes for J McEwen and Capizzo and a handful of other honest-very experienced contractors.

They also state more bs under previous bulshtt, ‘All exterior treatments share this critical flaw (there’s no flaw az ho)…they allow water pressure to build up outside and under the foundation…Basement Sym’s uses an interior drain and sump system to relieve water pressure instead of fighting it.When tons of water AREN’T pushing against the foundation’…and so on.

Say again, NO interior system and sump pump(s) RELIEVE exterior pressure. NO interior system and sump removes/relieves exterior soil pressure, underground roots,porch footings,concrete slabs etc.

Critcal flaw? lol what a bunch of pure american bullshttt.

Eh chump-change inside terdz, water in the soil on the outside of the basement wall is stlll there, will still be there even after you bubbleheads install an interior system and sump(s), thats right.

One has to remove/relieve the cause or causeSS of a crack(s)…leak,bowed wall and NO inside system does that.
Yeah shtt sure, some cracks are shrinkage cracks pftttt. I’m not talking about those g damn things.

You people are full of crap, your incompetent or fraudulent…period!

‘Exterior treatments ALLOW water pressure to build up outside’ (against wall), lol. When ya backfill w/gravel you relieve/lessen pressure against a wall. Your inside crap does SNOT.

And almost all of this supposed water pressure under a basement FLOOR is due to a blockage/break in the lateral line or a clogged floor drain (sometimes covered and hidden by carpet n other sht), or a leaky water line or a possible problem w/an existing sump pump or blockage in tile that goes to-from sump pit etc!

Your interior system does not fix those either! When a good-honest plumber is needed to snake thats w tf i recommend to homeowners…do YOU az ho’s? PFttttt.

You people need to be fully educated on leaky basements, all the real-possible reasons and causes and the actual-solutions…g damn right.

Again, here an interior system was installed and there are 3 sump pumps.
It friggin leaks and, wall bowed in.
THOUGHT U terds said interior systems and sumps RELIEVE PRESSURE?


How many vid’s or photos ya need to see…huh?

Does YOUR interior system and sump fix anything like this?
Bowed wall, deteriorated blocks and joints BETWEEN the blocks!
And, your shtty system will NOT stop further water from entering.

Here, inside system was installed, still g damn leaks, more mold, more efflorescence and cracks widening…thought U said interior systems relieve pressure and stop water?

Here az ho’s…SLAB LEAK…what was the SOURCE of the water (pressure) UNDER the floor? <<<-------------------

Slab leak, again, what was the SOURCE of the water.

Pardon Bubba if ya plz…

Homeowners in Michigan. (and just about everywhere else eh)
Leaky basement in Michigan.
Getting water in basement…

Foundation Systems of Mchigan
B Dry
And all the other terds in duh toilet.

Your getting LIED to, misled by inside system waterdiverting companies…
YES you are.

You hear the ads on 97.1 the ticket (radio station), its CRAP people.
You see the same terds and misinformation on Tv ads, yep.

Wake up people! I’ll show you, PROVE to you these stinky turds aka, a log-shaped piece of sht, are BS’ing you, uh huh. Your basements are NOT getting ‘waterproofed’…NOPE!

You call Uncle Bubba and i’ll explain in full baby, got milk?

Can someone double check Bubba’s addition…

Let’s see, 1 terd plus another terd = 2 terds in toilet which means, time to flush toidy bowl, got that?
Duh umm says, Video advice on Crawl Spaces

1:35 Glennie asks, how can you avoid these problems?
He says lol, ’ 2 ways Glen, insulation and encapsulation’

Nowhere do they mention the possibility of water etc entering crawlspaces through what is in these photos…
nor do they mention any possible structural problems as in photos.
Honest experts huh?

…2:15.“You can see butt your BLIND, someone turned the sun around!”

…sleep with the devil and then you pay!

I’m curious what you guys think, I had a contractor tell me the digging the exterior will bring water into the basement and that I shouldn’t do an interior system nor exterior system but instead pour a new concrete wall behind the unstable bowed in wall. Any thoughts on this? I’m ok with the poured concrete wall, not sure on not digging the outside.

Chris, do you have pictures you can post?

Thank you Larry!

It is, almost, always better to waterproof a basement from the outside that the inside.

As far as a new wall goes, I can’t see the condition well enough to make a comment on that.

Did you have an engineer investigate it?

I did, he said that it was a severe crack that had to be addressed. I actually consulted with 2 engineers, the first one said steel columns would fix it, the second one said the following:

If it was my house I would parge that wall with Portland and them put a concrete wall form about 10” to 12” from that block wall and the block wall be the other side of the form. Put a bunch of steel in the wall – dowelled in the floor and walls on each end. Then – pop the brick out of those two windows and pump 4,000 PSI concrete in there and fill it to the top. The concrete wall would take care of the lateral structural load – and hold in place every block in that wall. If water is not a problem – then good. They could still dig it up outside and re-parge and tar if needed.

It sounds like you have some decisions to make.