Another Ladder Question - Trying to Pull the Trigger Today

For those with Telesteps and Xtends, I’m trying to make a decision between the two. Any discernible distinctions between the two, or are they basically the same animal?

I’ve tried finding them local, to no avail, so I haven’t been able to compare with my own hands.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hey there Terry,

I too am in the market for a good telescopic ladder. I ran across these reviews re: the telestep… interesting.


I purchased my extend and climb on ebay from an Ace hardware store, it may have been Lozon Ace Hardware or something like that, I think I paid $165 with free shipping, cant remember for sure.

I chose the extend and climb because I was told the telesteps has to be opened all the way up before you can lower it to the height you need(dont know if thats true, but thats what I was told).

I can open my extend and climb just as far as I need it, and lower it and raise it from there. I like the locking - unlocking mechanism, its light weight, and customers love it and ask all kinds of questions about it. I keep it as my “clean” ladder for inside homes. Compact so it fits right inside my truck behind the seat, out of the elements.

Hope this helps,

Ran into the same thing over the last month. Sounds like they both have some drawbacks so i finally pulled the trigger on the xtends for $179.99 from Target on-line. Should be here today or tomorrow.

One of my concerns was with the cold weather here and the potential fore binding. I would really more use it for 1st floor to 2nd floor roof access to limit the wear on my back pulling the other ladder up. Now i just bring my fiberglass step up to the 2nd level. The other reason is to bring inside for scuttle hole access. Less chance of banging up the house on the way in.

Adam, A Plus

Not so. You do have to open the telesteps from the bottom, unless you do extend it fully. But you can just open it a few rungs. You can extend it further from there, but to make it shorter you have to start at the beginning. Any inconvenience there is more than made up for with the speedy stowing method. Pull two rings and it collapses.

I haven’t tried the xtend & climb (happy with the telesteps) but I think most would be happy with either brand.

I have seen the xtend and climb on sale at ACE several times in the last couple of years for 99.00 not sure the height

I bought my telesteps from Sams a couple years ago for 149.00 10.5 footer…

If you are an ebayer you may want to try this:

A 12.5 footer just closed at 114.59. Not bad.

Just an update, I just purchased one of these off eBay (same seller as above) for $102 plus $15 shipping. It’s a new Telesteps 12.5 ft.

Good deal?

Robert, I was the bidder you beat out. Got me by $2.

There will be more.

Oh, sorry! Yes, there will be more. I use eSnipe ( It bids for me 6 seconds before the bid closes.

Good luck!

One caveat on either of the extending ladders. Keep your damn fingers and pieces parts of your hands away from the sides when lowering. It will pinch the everlovin coon dog crap out of you. Short learning curve on operation.

I have the Xtend & Climb. I tried out both, the Telesteps have 2 rings to pull that are in a bad location that can cause you to get your hands pinched or smashed. Xtend & Climb has 2 levers that keep your hands out of the way.

The Xtend & Climb is the so-called knock-off of Telesteps… The creator made improvements over the Telesteps.

I bought mine at ACE… the taller one. Works great, I love it, my friends are jellous, light & compact.

I purchased the X-tend & Climb 300lb. OSHA type 1A on ebay. It was around $200.00 with shipping from Lozan Hardware. I like the heavy duty model as I weigh over 200lbs.