Xtend and Climb or Little Giant?

What say ye? Any input, experiences? Pro’s, Con’s? Which do you prefer?

Both. Though I prefer Telesteps over Xtend & Climb

Thank you sir. If you could only have one? Telesteps or Little Giant?

I wouldn’t be a professional inspector with only one.

The Telesteps 1600ET gets about 95% of the work (despite the specs, it’s a 12.5 foot ladder when fully extended)

The 22ft LG has greater versatility but is several times heavier and much more unwieldy. I would not buy a Chinese made LG. I think only the Super Duty is still made in the US.

Then there is the 32 foot extension

Extend and climb 15 1/2 feet.

I broke my telesteps just closing it early on. Although they may be better now, they had really bad rubber feet for a while there as well.

As for those folding ladders IMO you may as well jut get a regular extension ladder instead of fooling around with on of the folders.

This will just prove my weirdness but I chose this ladder “the type pictured” because every other one designed like it or it always left a nasty silvery smudge on me whenever I touched them:) The coating does stand up well to being outside in the OPEN back of a truck. I have painted the little rivet backs because I started to see surface rust. Kind of a pet peeve of mine I have stuff that would have lased so much longer if manufacturers were not normally so damn cheap and when it comes to fasteners, nuts, ODD SHAPED WIDGETS, washers etc one rusting through can ruin a piece of equipment. The widgets which are not normally easily replaceable as the other items is normally what goes. But hey I guess that is how they get return customers. I do not care what I made if I knew I could spend 1 xtra buck and something would last 5 times better I’d do it and point it out.


I personally like the Werner Multi-Function ladders. I use the 13ft version several times a day. It is pretty compact and easy to move through tight hallways and up staircases. I also have the MT26 which I rarely need to use. Keep in mind the MT26 is actually only 23ft (they claim you can “reach” 26ft using it…false advertising IMO). The MT26 is very heavy and fully extended is a bit of a handful. Silicone spray goes a long help the mechanisms and latches on these ladders work smoothly.

Bought my little giant 1998 17 ft still works great .

Thanks for the comments. I like some things about both styles. May have to get both. :smiley:

The telesteps model I listed has silicone feet that are very sticky and durable. The tubing is elliptical and the black model keeps you from getting black aluminum smudges on your hands. Rated Type 1-A.


I use my Xtend and Climb way more than I was my Little Giant due to the fact that I live in an area with a lot of 1 story homes.

Buy the ladder that fits your needs for the homes in your area.

I carry an Xtend and Climb, a regular 6 ft A frame ladder, and a 22’ Little Giant. Which I use depends on the house.

17 foot little giant for exterior and 12.5 foot Xtend and Climb for the interior. If I had to buy one I would go with my little giant.

Some good thoughts guys, thanks.

I have a 6’ step ladder and a 20’ extension ladder. Most of the homes in my area are single story. I dont want to drag that Fiberglass extension ladder around for a single story house. Im 5 grand into this deal and would like to make a few bucks before investing much more. Just want a light ladder to get onto single story houses.

Based on what you have. Start with the telescoping. Generate some revenue, then add the LG.

How many other businesses can you launch for 5K? I seeded my business account with 10K when I launched and never got close to the bottom of it. Of course that was about 14 years ago.

That is very true. I live in a very rural area. I think the income potential is there, but certainly not like in the Houston area. I just want to wade in slow to make sure before I go much deeper.

I have a coyote hunting buddy down in your country that does real estate. I bet you have ran across him??? J Banks

Nice Chuck,I am ready to get another shorter ladder and may try telesteps again.