Telesteps Anyone

I bought a 14 1/2’ Telesteps ladder at the ITA convention, just arrived and used it for the first time today. I like it.:slight_smile:

Nice…was it expensive?

$250.00 at the convention Brian including shipping. Other guys here were swearing by them so I thought I would give it a try.

I use a fold out ladder that makes into a 6 ft step
ladder or a 12’ stand up ladder.

They run about $120 - $140

Would’nt leave home without it.

Ouch! Certainly looks like a good idea. What is its weight? Extention?


I’ve got one of these but it does not work well in the house. And it’s about 40 Lbs
Climbtek, Inc Aluminum Articulated Ladder (84123) 12’ straight ladder. Extension height 12’ stepladder height 6’, scaffold height 3’. Type 1A, 300 lb. duty rating. 3 position hinge. One hand release bar.
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I have something like the fold out but its extending rather than folding other than the center. 6foot standard and also a 12 feet extension. Maybe more. Need something taller though. With most houses around here having basements that means the first floor footing is a 1-4feet above grade which means the roof is mighty tall. Too often I’m barely reaching the roof. Yeah I know, its dangerous.

Peter although I do not have any real data, I would bet that ladders injure more HI’s than anything else. Be very carefull on your ladder.

Probably true and I know this. Often I can use the porch as a base but not always. For the moment thus far I simply can’t put anything larger in my car. The telescoping type does not allow for something inside like opening an attic opening or otherwise in the center of a room without leaning on a wall.

I bought the telescoping ladder specificaly for attic hatches Peter. You just pop open the hatch with the ladder.

I have one of those Brain, I just wish it went to 16 feet. That apart it is a great tool


whos a tool?

Xtend & Climb Ladder (770)
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Foldout ladders are a big liability inside a house. These telescoping ladders fit under your arm.
Just watch when you close them, they’ll give you a blood blister! Even if you know it’s coming!

Ouch…must be a different ladder… :wink: (Benefit of the doubt for you BK…)

Yes, different weight rating and different lengths.

Hi Brian,

I bought a Telesteps a couple of years ago and it is probably one of the best purchases I ever made. I looked at the Extend & Climb also but I the Telesteps is much faster and easier to take down. I get many comments on it.

Paul Hinsperger
Hinsperger Inspection Services
Orangeville Ontario

I have a “Telesteps” and a “Little Giant.” I rarely use the LG, but with the two of them, I can go anywhere I need to go.

I yhink Jeff Pope had/has one of those now that I think about it… I considered one before for attics and the like.

I own and use a Little Giant, and I love everything about it but the weight and size and the purchase price…

But, I stopped driving my Ford truck for my business when gas hit over three bucks a gallon and started driving something much smaller (and fun!) so was thinking about a smaller laddder to make it all easier on me to load and un-load.

I bought one a couple of minutes ago, thanks for the link.

Looks very impressive getting into attics in tight quarters!