Ladder Shopping

Went ladder shopping today, I’m getting a lil to old to be lugging around a 90lb 24’ Gorilla and 6 & 8’ Fiberglass Step Ladders.

Bought a 13’ folding Werner, a small 2’ Step for reaching filters, a 4’ folding aluminum and 12.5’ Extend & Climb.

Swore I would never buy another telescoping Ladder, but the Extend & Climb has a different locking mechanism than Telesteps, which I almost killed myself on when one of the Pins snapped off years ago.

I thought it would be handy in tight quarters, if you fell, would prolly land on a bunch of dirty clothes on the master bed closet floor, where most-many ceiling attic accesses are located here.

Anybody use the Extend & Climb?..Likes, dislikes?

Dog seemed to like the Extend & Climb—:stuck_out_tongue:

Is the dog’s name “BK” ? Looks like a diet is in order? :mrgreen:

I to would love to hear about that extending ladder. I have been considering one for sometime now.

Dale, Please let me know how it works accessing those attics in closets and such.
My 300lb rated FAT BOY 6’step takes up a lot of space.

I love my Telesteps 14.5 foot telescoping. Make sure you get the wide step version, the locks are different and much more comfortable on the feet than the bar type. Mine is a 300 lb version. Telesteps 1800W.

Will do Mike, haven’t even extended it yet, wore myself out carrying it to the Truck from Ace Hardware, and I was parked in front of the store, the damn thing is heavy, but certainly seems VERY sturdy —:stuck_out_tongue:

Dammit, you’re right on the Money AGAIN Steve-----:smiley:

I bought the first version, one pin snapped, I went down, swore I’d never buy another telescoping ladder, but had to try this one for close quarters, closet attic access.

The good thing about it is you can extend one section at a time much easier than Telesteps…or Telesteps design was, I don’t know about their newer versions, the first put the fear of God in me…said never again…but that was accessing a roof, I’ll use the 13’ folding Werner rather than that damn heavy 24’ Folding Gorilla.

I had the same problem with the Telesteps ladder. I will never buy another. I use the Extend-n-Climb for almost everything - good, solid locks and rated to carry more than I weigh :smiley:

I also carry two LG’s, but they rarely come out of the truck.

Thanks Jeff, now I feel better about my choice coming from You…!

The 12.5’ was only $120.00…

I’ve owned a extend and climb for about 5 years and love it. My clients are amazed at some of the attic scuttle holes I can get into with it.
Never had a problem with the locking mechanism either.

For Show ONLY, I carry a Werner 21’ extension with the self-adjusting leg kit (commercial bldgs or stucco probing); a 17’ LG for getting up to eaves on houses; and a Telescoping 10.5’ ladder for INSIDE the house (right now I use the Telesteps -opens easier, but have had the 12’ Extend-N-Climb / liked it but was harder to open for me / My assistant prefers the Extend-N-Climb).

Only problem with any of them was the LG’s hinges broke 2 years ago.

Selling my 2 year old TiR1 if anybody knows somebody wanting to get into IR.

I have been using an Extend N Climb for over a decade and the only injury I have ever sustained was I got the **** pinched out of my finger the first time I operated it ten minutes after I took it out of the box and had not read the instructions. Like ANY ladder it requires regular maintenance and cleaning to keep it working right. Grit and dust will get on the rails so I wipe mine down with a microfiber cloth every time I use it before I store it. Check each section as you extend it to ensure it locks on BOTH sides. You are right, it is perfect for those attic accesses inside closets as well as going up tight narrow, winding stairways where trying to get a larger ladder requires one to be a contortionist.

Having operable Fingers are generally quit helpful while performing an inspection…:ouch:

Think I’ll read the operating instructions since you mentioned it----:lol:

I see You’re still trying to find new ways to get to the top there Duff…way to go…

Warnings on forum threads and 2 well respected members right here /right now telling straight up the things are dangerous in your face yet you still brag Telesteps-opens easier.

Knock-knock,anyone home.
Dan, get rid of the thing.
Maybe we can take up a collection to buy you the extend and climb replacement before we see pictures of you in hospital bed…(seriously)

I do recommend the beefier model that Extend N Climb has now. I have one of the older models and it is rated for 250 lbs. I max out at around 200 on one of my fat days and it can flex a little. There is now one that is rated for 300 lbs and is a tad taller…15 foot I believe…worth the extra bucks IMO.

My telesteps is 9 years old, still in use. I have a newer wide-step model that I have used a lot; it goes where I go. If you lube them on occasion with silicone, they work smooth. I have never had a problem. I have, however, worn out 8 pairs of telesteps ladder feet.

Use 21 foot little giant for high roofs.

The 12.5-ft. is rated at 225-lbs…I weigh 175-lbs, so I/it should be fine unless I have a day like U mentioned after leaving Flemings Steakhouse I frequent once in a while…:wink:

I have these two because they can fit into most anything, even the Prius I have. Great ladders…so far!