Electrical Check List - Probably posted before

Hey Guys,

Just was doing some cleaning out of my hard drive…from a recent crash and found this. I think I posted it before but figured I would post it again, I did not create it but it has some good info on it.

Paul needs a “cheatChart” ??? :shock: Im taking my guru shrine down now. :roll: :mrgreen:

Thanks Paul !

lol…I named it cheatchart for home inspectors to use instead of needing to have an NEC handy to aid in new inspections on new homes…er…home inspectors like cheat charts don’t they ( ala ; Code Check…thehehehe )…but heck the more I think about it…the more CHEAT SHEETS i create I make the better we all will be in the end…lol

WHAT…how dare you take down the shrine…what will all my follows now go to worship me:roll:

Paul, my shrine is still intact - thanks for the cheatsheet!

“You shall have no other gods before me.”

REPENT, Paul.:shock:

What an ego!

Thanks Paul, good info. I appreciate it very much!

I am building a shrine now Paul.:smiley:

Hello Paul. Any info relative to the electrical system is always welcome. I will light up another candle to your shrine.
Keep the bulb burning. Knowledge is Power!


John M. Acaron, CHI
Inspected Once, Inspected Right

Oh stop Kenneth…jokes and playing on the board is all about the FUN…good grief.

lol…my shrine will fail compaired to his Mr. D…:slight_smile:

To be honest I have no idea who made it…looks to me like a knock off of a minn. inspections office sheet but had it on my computer and was trying to recover from a SLAMO…so posted it…if I find other ones in the process I will post them as well.

I tried Paul but I couldn’t do it,… I just couldn’t. I prayed that you had a logical reasoning behind the “cheat chart” and today,… TODAY I read your post that you were only creating them to help others. My faith is still in-tact. AMEN BROTHER, AMEN! :mrgreen:

Here is my shrine,… The “Tesla1000” Can also double as a portable mole removal system.


DANG…I want one of those…Me Like…Me like alot…:slight_smile:


Pack Square.jpg

Office Building.jpg


Thanks for the info.