Another lying, scamming interior basement drain tile system company

listen lol, HE says they are taking out a previously installed basement drainage system and, LOLOLOLLOLlllllllllllllllllllllllllloll installing another! It will be the SAME system, don’t give me the SPIN shtt that they’ll drill holes etc differently, it’s another INT system, period and it will NOT ‘stop’ the water from where it is first entering!

and where is the 1st company’s supposed lifetime guarantee? Yeah, nowhere 2 be found cuz it’s a scam, bulsht!

and in 2 or 5 or whatever years in future when basement leaks again homeowner will call another idiot who’ll basically say the same shtt as this guy and install their dumb azz version, a 3rd idiot system = homeowner out LOTS $$$$$

Say it’s not so!

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