More unreal incompetent self-serving lies, this from A french drain dude

and i bet ya they charge as much or more than had the wall been waterproofed n backfilled correctly

NO guarantee on further water in basement, did you hear him say that? No

4:30 "His basement has been flooding… will your basement still leak?
He says, you were getting water between the floor and the wall, chances are during a big rain event you might see a little bit of water. lol

Why doesn’t he say, now that we are done installing the french drain, this basement will NOT leak and if it does we always give homeowners a 10 or 20 year guarantee, yeah, NO guarantee.

So he said, the homeowner is getting water in basement between the floor and wall.

Well hmmm, is this wall finished inside and you can’t SEE the wall, and only see water come onto floor at wall-floor joint? lol

If so, behind drywall or paneling etc there could just be 1 or a few leaky, deteriorated rod holes!

Or maybe there are cracks in poured wall behind drywall or if BLOCK wall then pretty often you WON’T see any cracks on the inside of block wall but that never means there aren’t 1 or more exterior cracks, cracked parging you moron.

Bottom line, they did not IDENTIFY, determine how-where the water is actually entering, shtt for all we know maybe water is only getting in through-around that basement window and NO waterproofing was needed and NO french fry butt-brain drain was ever needed either!!!

SHOULD have and COULD have done a water-test first, to determine how the water is getting in!
(if you can’t see the dang wall inside)

Incompetent, lying claims…

2:00 - 2:30 He says,
" Even with tar and visqueen it’s IMPOSSIBLE to button up everything all the way down to FOOTER"

Another ‘footer’ chump.

Then he adds, “NO WAY concrete (a basement wall) can be sealed tight”

Dude, have you been drinking? Oh, just spinning sht aka LYING to homeowners to get more french drain jobs

3:05 - 3:20 He says,
“This is absolutely BY FAR the BEST line of defense if you have a basement and you’re dealing with water problems”

loololllllllllllllolllllllllll self-serving, incompetent all american blllshttt

It’s bad enough gotta deal with the lying, scamming INT system knotheads

Same Frenchie Fry dude, someone previously did what HE does lolol , ‘too shallow and no filter FABRIC!!!’ hahaaa

WE see the same CRAP all the time too, whether the drain tile was installed along basement wall or 1-2 AWAY from basement wall, same crap, point is NEITHER bothered to correctly identify-determine why the basements leaked

Yeah post may be a bit too long err, a bit too much for some loololll short attention span!!
EXAMPLE, exterior french drain and gravel and stupid azz SOCK aka filter FABBBBbbbric that did NOT keep basement dry, why? lol

Because there’s a crack in foundation wall plus deteriorated rod holes and other exterior openings into house-basement that allowed water in!!! Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez

So the french drain guy would say something like, ‘Oh it’s too shallow , they used the wrong pipe aka drain tile’, nnsense, TOTAL bs.

These CHUMPS either do not know how TO identify-determine why homeowners leak OR they do not care one bit and simply want to sell you the one thing they do which is, try and divert surface water, i ask again where the HLLL is the guarantee that these basements will NOT leak again, show me