Ya gotta watch this video, about 3 minutes worth of lies and bullshit by another INT basement system moron

he says, it’s been repaired before, not the right way etc, bullshit man!

see the cracks, some mold, efflorescence, well jesus, the cracks are OPEN on the OUTSIDE of the wall, yes they are!

that is where the water is first entering, that is why there is some mold, efflorescence, YES dammmittt!

i bet he cheats at least several homeowners outta money just with a video, and lies like this.

hey mister, you suck, you suck because you lie n cheat homeowners, you don’t give them the truth, you only give them bullshit so that they’ll hire your scamming azz

tell ya what, let me come over there n i will hand dig down a couple feet exposing the top part of at least 2 cracks, will your dumb azz ‘get it’ then? smfh

Don’t know why you do not believe this guy Mark, he sounds convincing. :rofl: :wink:

…and, they give a free service of removing cob webs! :roll_eyes: :rofl: :wink:

hahaha u guys being funnnnnnny , for the nth time, interior basement drainage companies are liars, cheats, misrepresent peoples problems, oh yes they do… for self gain $$$ yeppers

The magic carbon steel tape, I’m sold! He sounds (and looks) like a licensed plumber (sometimes a contractor, a builder) with 40 years of experience :smiley:

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ahhh, you watched and heard him!!! hahahaaa very good sir, yeah he is full of crap, lies, yes sir!

Mark, you’re wasting your time with all the silly digging & doing it the old school! Here you go, get yourself some Reinforcer! and you don’t need any help, it only takes one man to install it:

Your money back guarantee is included!

Simon, lol yeah i have watched that one and quite a few others on their ‘rein-blower’ junk, all bs as ya know. I wish i’d never had got in this trade, all headaches, little work due to all the scamming, lying lil biaaaatches who been cheating peeps for decacdes now

Here’s what your HydroFool honey likes to use

SealOnce Basement System is an easy weekend project. No special tools or skills required. Drying up your wet basement is easier than ever

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Thanks for the laugh, hard to believe this person can sleep at night.

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I like when they all call their products Waterproofing. And really all they are doing is controlling or managing and directing the water.
Where is the waterproofing in that function? :grinning:

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in court, UNDER OATH…
the GM of this pathetic INT system company stated,
“The form used was misleading”… and,
“Every week they (salespeople) go out and LIE”, to homeowners!

Just like the dork in video above, lies.

i just can’t help but wonder, why doesn’t Robert Y have anything to say about these INT scammers

i’ll bet ya’s the 200 lbs of cocaine i have in my trunk that 99.9 % or all of the INT system co’s LIE to homeowners.

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Just fill the basement with SealOnce and all your water problems are gone. :crazy_face:

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I’ve gotto to get some of that carbon steel tape…man the things I could fix…

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