Another Sub????

I inspected a home yesterday with a 150amp main that had a 60amp breaker running to a sub in the garage. Everything looked ok in the main except for a few abandoned wires, however there was no main breaker. I have read some of paul abernathy’s responses and did not realize if there are more than 6 breakers you need a main trip? Is this true in per code? or in all situations? even in Nj? Another question which I suggested further evaluation was the 60amp going to the sub in the garage had a 100amp disconnect. It had proper grounding, but shouldn’t it have had a 60amp disconnect as well?

Thanks in advance!!

It should take 6 throws or less to shut down a panel. Thats code.

Not true for all panels, only the service equipment.

If the 60 amp breaker was feeding a 100 amp breaker, it’s not a big deal. . .

If there was a breaker at the main panel for this sub panel then the sub needs no disconnect at all. If the main panel is a split bus it can have up to six breakers on the main bus, one of which will shut down the second bus.

You need a service disconnect. The panel it is in needs to be rated suitable for service equipment. If you are using the 6 handle rule for a service disconnect all of them have to also be rated as service equipment.

In a sub panel in a separate structure this is not service equiipment.

Thanks, everyone for the quick responses…



As jeff so correctly stated…it is not a problem but here is how you remember that…the system is only as good as it’s weakest link. In this case if the wire is rated for 60A, the breaker is 60A that feeds the wire tot he 100A disconnect…then the garage disconnect can be 100A with no problem…because the concern is the wire which is protected ahead of the disconnect with the correct breaker…as you stated.

Thanks Paul… and for everyone else’s answers!