Another version of the kitchen bar wall outlet

Check out this one, picture taken while standing in the walkway between the kitchen and breakfast nook. Sink faucet is visible at other side of the bar.

Outlet is about 12 inches below the underside of the bar and about 27 inches above the floor.

Does this outlet serve the kitchen countertop?
Or does it only serve the bar top?
Or does it serve neither?

January 11 2009 004.jpg

The “bar top” is a counter top.

Assuming the counter top does not project 6 or more inches past the wall, this receptacle serves the counter top and would require GFCI protection.

Serves countertop and yes for GFCI. Bruce, what’s the other outlet? cable, phone?

Yeah, if it’s within the dimensional limits that it would be considered as a receptacle serving the countertop (no greater than 6" overhang, no lower than 12"), it does require GFCI protection.

When I see colors mis-matched like that cable jack is (ivory or light almond device with a white cover), it makes me look at stuff extra hard. That’s the sign of a handy man.

Nah …I won’t say it.

The bar extends about 12 inches past the wall.

Yes, that is a TV outlet

I think it’s fine. If someone’s dumb enough to plug a TV into that outlet, they deserve to die.

Then the receptacle does not technically serve the counter top, and does not require GFCI protection.

Joe, is that a narrative you use often? :smiley:


They look to be 12 inch tiles on the passover portion so if the wall is framed with 2X4’s and then sheetrocked that outta leave about 6 inches (or less) on the receptacle side (the measurable ‘overhang’ area).

I’d go with a GFCI recommended upgrade if it isn’t as it (from the pics) certainly could ‘serve the counter top area’…:mrgreen:

This outlet does have GFCI protection…


Glad that’s over… :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: