countertop electrical outlet required in bar counter top?

I’m at an inspection now. There is a counter top / bar area in the rec room upstairs. Is it required to have a countertop GFCI electrical outlet above this bar countertop? See photo

Where do you plug in the blender?

Yep…caffeine hasn’t kicked in yet

Where’s the water?

I wouldn’t assume it’s a bar. There is no sink and with the wood floor, I would say it is a built in desk.


I’m with Steve on this one.

Or, for a mini-fridge.

That was my first thought too. Oulet would still be nice.

Dry bar. Space for the mini fridge and the wine rack are the clues. It also looks like counter height, 36", not desk height, 30".

I tend to agree.

Either way, a DRY bar does not require a GFCI.

The GFCI requirement is for a wet bar.