Another What Is This?

Found this in a 1956 duplex under the kitchen sink, forgot to check which tap it was connected to, but its on the rights side feed pipe. The unit did not feel hot to the touch. The apartment has a hot water tank in the basement and the wire feeding this gizmo was hot. Any ideas?

07-07-2006  15 (Small).JPG

07-07-2006  16 (Small).JPG

07-07-2006  12 (Small).JPG

Just guessing, an old ionizer.

Many years ago there was a super sales person who sold a water softener that never needed salt and never
needed recharging it was a magnet and it did not work .
I have never seen one but expect this is what you found.
Roy Cooke .Sr

Report it as water conditioning equipment that is likely beyond it intended life expectancy.

It is a flow switch tied to the Garbage Disposal preventing the operation of the disposal unit unless the cold water is running.

Joe, any ideas why the wire feeding “the gizmo” would be hot?

There is no garbage disposal and what I meant by hot was not hot to the touch but energized or live. Its all in the wording.:oops:


Ionizer or water softener, I have yet to find a picture.