Plumbing device description/purpose needed.

This is on an older 1920 home located under the kitchen sink. I could use the members help on this one.

I would imagine the relay should be protected, not sure if it is functional.

Thanks in advance.

214112 035 (Small).JPG

My first guess would be a temperature limit switch.

It’s micro switch but I can’t tell how or why it gets activated.

Looks like a bimetal coil trip on the left.

Could be but I have never seen one used in a water line.

Why is it there anyway?

What is it controlling?

Kitchen sink water supply, I believe cold side, home had a water filtration system under sink. Not sure why it is there thus why I posted.

It’s an old flow switch.

I haven’t seen one installed in many moons but I’ve sure removed many of them over the years.

When garbage disposer were first starting to be used, they were afraid that people would fail to run cold water when grinding garbage so they installed flow switches that would not allow the disposer to run if the cold water was not flowing.
Folks are smarter now (at least about disposal operation anyway) so they are not needed.

Thanks for the information!!!

very nice info!!

Thanks Sparks.
I though it was a water control for the old circular encounter dishwashers back in the 1950’s.
Bob Michel great effort.

Does not need protection as it is no longer in service (electric removed).

Any recommendations?
Would you advise a removal of the system Mr. Anderson?
Apply a cover.
Can it become a safety issue when bending under the sink and cutting your head on the open box.
Can it become electrified again by the home owner accentually by any means within reason?
Can a child get cut or there fingers caught in the exposed systems electronics and mechanicals?