Another 'what was he thinking'?

I was looking forward to seeing good panel terminations when I removed the cover and saw the 4 conductors terminated in this 200 A subpanel. But very quickly I saw that the neutrals and grounds were all terminated (in pairs) on the bonded neutral bar and nothing on the ground terminals at all !! Somebody obviously missed the point entirely - Go figure !

ECI 062.jpg

ECI 059.jpg

That looks like the service panel. If so, the grounds and nuetrals should be on the same bar, just not under the same screw.

How about this one? What’s your thoughts.

This entire system wasn’t even grounded.

Nope - the service panel (although smaller) is outside, mounted next to the meter - very common around here. Otherwise there would have been no need to bring four conductors to the subpanel at all.

However, on second thought, the conductors feeding this panel were not fed by a breaker in the outdoor service panel, rather from a second (bottom ) set of lugs on the main bus.