"Toe Nails" or "Clips" (Wind Mit RTW)

See photos. The photos show one metal attachment observed in the attic. At first glance, it looks like there is one nail on the front side and one nail on the opposite side of the metal attachment. However, see the second photo. A third nail head can be seen because enough of a gap exists between the roof sheathing and the truss. Most inspected RTW locations did not have enough of a gap to determine if a third nail was present or not. However, where a gap did exist, a third nail was visible.

Would you mark Question #4 on the wind mit form “Toe Nails” or “Clips” with an explanation.


What I think I see I would call a wrap. If it looked that way on most trusses I would assume all were done that way. I would really look good and maybe put the ole mt6 to one that did not look like it had a top nail or maybe it was covered. What year was house built? What county?

Wrap. Min of two nails on one side and one on the other.

Yeah I think the top would count as a side but which one. See it from his angle then first side from other other?

Another example of the OIR with their heads up their asses.

I run into this quite frequently. I just show an arrow on the 3rd top nail. Since it does not comply with the wrap definition as written, I would select clip…it has 3 nails in it. The difference in credits between a clip and a single wrap is not that much, but selecting “Toe-nail” or “Other” would not be an option for me…or the client.

I also, now as I think about it would likely write clip as well as it’s def is more towards clip on current form. Yes because of what Brad said.

Is there not two nails on the left side?

Well the top really does not count as a particular side does it??? Uplift resistance would be different.

I would just do as always look around and make the best edcuated decision I could based on the wording of the form.

Notice-- Wording NOT INTENT.

On the very bottom of the left side photo looks like a nail head to me. Sometimes when it’s hard to tell I get a full photo of opposite side to see the nails coming through

Rivit like object. all I know for sure “not nail thru truss” if you mean first photo. Many think it is a nail. MANY MANY.

Well we know one thing is for sure. In a case like this you can’t take enough photos with different angles to determine what it should be. Many times in an attic you take a photo pull it back take a look and say wtf am I seeing? Some are just not so simple.

Yep. Take photos at high res has helped me see things in the office I did not notice till I zoomed. Sometimes good for client sometimes bad. At least I try to stay consistent and accurate :slight_smile:

1988 in Palm Beach County

Yes. I could have put some arrows in to make it easier. Arrows were added to the inspection report but not here.

Yes. I’ve seen this before too. I typically mark “Clips” with a note. However, the homeowner had a wind mitigation inspection in March of this year performed by an inspector chosen by his insurance company. Their inspector marked “Toe Nails”. The inspector could have easily missed the third nail OR seen the third nail on some of the attachments but based his decision on the two visible nails on most of the roof-to-wall attachments. Either way, I just wanted to get some input on this to see how everyone else handles it.

Thanks all for your input.

A house from that time in that area very well may not “really” meet the requirements on all trusses. Just based on observed experiences. Insurance inspector finds one off or missing one nail= TOENAIL :frowning: