Grease on a neutral


I opened a panel last night and found grease on the neutral lug only. Has anyone else heard of this? Is it common to grease the main branches as they come in the panel? I have enclosed pictures of the panel and then just the neutral.

Anti oxidant paste?

I am wondering if that is what it is. It was only on the neutral which kind of turns it into a head scratcher.

Troy is correct. The feeders are aluminum.


It has nothing to do with the feeder being a Neutral or a Hot conductor. Aluminum wires need an Antioxidant (de-ox) on them at their termination point in order to keep them from oxidizing. That can cause an ark (spark) and potential fire.


Not trying to be ugly but it is arc (spark) and it is not always needed. Most of the newer (30 years or less) does not require this junk

Which is why I still don’t understand why TREC still wants us to write it up as a deficiency when the NEC doesn’t require it…

It’s a common misconception that it’s required but as stated it’s not. Just one of electrical myths I suppose.