Any guess on the age of this electric panel?

No. What’s wrong with it?

Me neither.

My guess is GE Powermark 2007.
Doesn’t look like all GE breakers though.

That’s a 100 amp service. In the early to mid 1960’s, many homes with 30 or 60 amp fuse panels started being upgraded to 100 amp circuit breaker panels. Can’t accurately determine the age because you haven’t provided the age of the home. Understand that many (newer) town homes and condos are still constructed and supplied with 100 amp services.

By the way Jesse, (and for F’s sake don’t get all offended) but consider getting a better face photo. Your current photo looks like you’re an angry Russian terrorist. Get one with a smile, customers like to see a happy looking inspector.

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Why the age question? Did you forget to bring a birthday cake to the party (inspection) ?

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Lol! I like the Russian terrorist look! You are in the right area of Europe, I was born in Poland. The client asked me if I had any idea when the electricity was updated in the 1924 built home. She said the loan officer was asking.

Dzień Dobry Kolego.
Just recently I found this box in the house build around 1982. Box TM2010 model 8k 336

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