Todays finds

The pressure tank has an underground pipe connected to it and it also has ahose bib. Comments please.

water heater timer.jpg

water heater stand.jpg

pressure tank.jpg

trap under sink.jpg

Couldnot leave these out:) The garbage disposal drain was cut don’t know why.
The owner decided to take his parts with him.

garage door opner.jpg

dishwasher drain.jpg

Maybe some parts had been given to him as birthday, anniversary, and Christmas presents. Gifts have memories associated with them.

I know when I receive plumbing drain parts as gifts I develop an attachment.

Got a lovely cast iron drain from the wife for the 40th birthday. Even came with the oakum. Carry that bad boy everywhere with me.

can anyone explain the pressure tank. There is a plumbing line coming up from the ground and there is an external hose bib connection.

Small pressure tank, is the home on a well?

I have never seen this type of ? before. Is it legal? Looks like it’s made out of rubber.:neutral:


No it has a public water system. Neither the buyer or the agent knows if there is a well on the property.

No solid metal

BS that has to be some kind of rubber:shock:

Mines looks alot like yours. . . Who needs a stinking drain when you got a bucket.


P3030117 (Small).JPG

i agree. why would “solid metal” have a HOSE CLAMP?

I think Earl is making fun…:smiley:

well EARL… you forgot to use exesive:D :cool: :wink: :mrgreen: :roll: :mad: :frowning: :eek: s

The pump appears to be a jet well pump. The pipe coming up from the ground is from the well. The hose bib is either to prime the pump or drain the system.
Regards Bill

P.S. These are typically used fro shallow well installations.

Thanks guys

The second picture is what is known as one of them upscale garage rated light fixtures!:roll:

Now the first picture a new process called invasive pipe cleaning!

BTW did you call out the missing air gap or Hi loop on the dishwasher drain line?

So, I guess it is solid metle. Sure looks funny though.

Sorry For thinking you were BSin me Earl.:cool: