Any recommendations for a furnace?

Hi. I just bought a place with an old furnace (28 years and belt driven). I was advised that I may want to consider replacing it.

After researching on the net, it appears that this is not all that simple. Apparently, the critical thing is a good installation and not necessarily the brand of furnace. Right?

That being said, and all things being equal (assuming a good install), what is the best make for a high efficiency furnace?

Secondly, I read that a high efficiency furnace may not be the best choice for an older home?

Although the place I bought is 59 years old, the home has been completely renovated with new insulation and double glazed windows. Will this be sufficient to avoid any problems?

And some more info…the place is 1 1/2 storeys with a finished basement The finished basement has its own heat from baseboard electric and does not have any forced air heat.

Any and all feedback greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Get all the referances available from known customers for workmanship and reliability. Then shop for the best warranty, parts and labour on the heat exchangers and circuit boards. Do not necessarily rely on the big name installers in your area. There are a lot of small shops that still offer good work and integrity. The big names are volume driven. Just my POV. I had a new Lennox high efficiency installed that failed twice in the first two years. It cost me $475.00 and I thought I was covered under warranty.