Anybody Ready to Upgrade their Camera

If anybody is going to upgrade and would like to sell their old camera private message me.

Hi Gary,

Due to circumstances beyond my control I did not read what the thread topic was…:smiley:

Mr Santa Zinsco Clarita straightened me out…!!!

I think Gary wants a thermal cam :wink:

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH…I did not read what thread this was in for crying out loud…Thanks Senor’ Zinsco…:smiley:

Gary, the way fluke has their Tir priced, it is probably more cost effective to buy new. They have a 2 year warranty with fluke.

I Love mine!!

I’ve been using Fluke Instruments since they came out and I think that they are the cats-meow I have been looking at I/R and am leaning toward Fluke they have a great reputation and stand by their products, plus a lot of money and will probably own all I/R patents in a few years. Just a guess.

Have a link to them?

I did upgrade my camera but am keeping my first one like the thought of having a backup. BTW the cost of the cameras have fallen so much in the last year you can buy new for less than I paid for my B-Cam

I’m interested in getting one but how do go about trying them out to see what they can actually do for the cost? Living in Northwest Indiana, I don’t know any store around here.

Kevin and Gary-

I can help the both of you get into the IR business. You can check out my website at, click on the store link. Each of the cameras listed their qualify for a special lease deal that I have put together. The B-CAM is $99 for the first six months. The balance of the payments for the term is based on your credit rating. There is a free no obligation lease application on the product page. The leasing company is very responsive and generally has an answer and specific numbers based on your profile in just 24-48 hours. The lease can be constructed so that you own the camera at the end of the term for a small buyout ($1 - $100 buyout).

I also offer a webinar marketing class that can assist you in getting of to a quick start you can check out the site for more information on that. I generally have 2-3 courses per month. I will also be constructing a full web based training program that includes certification in the next 60-90 days.

Call with any questions.


You can rent them on a monthly basis. Try the different ones and see for yourself.

This guy has a B 1 listed on EBAY for 1595.00

Thats about a $1000 too much. The B-1 is a old model.

Greg is right. You have to do your homework for deals on Ebay. Some are very good while others can be beat hands down thru a vendor or elsewhere. Many times people buy something, hold on to it for a year or two and decide they no longer need it and think they can get what they paid for it or close to it. Today, technology is advancing so quickly, what was the best last fall is old tech today and the prices are dropping rapidly. It won’t be long before everyone will have an IR camera in their tool bag because the price will so reasonable it will be within easy reach for most inspectors. Then the payback period will be very short; after a few inspections it will be paid for or very close. I am thinking of waiting for them to get so cheap you will able to pick up one while standing in line at Wally World, next to the mints and the true trash magazines.

Where do you rent them?

FLIR, Inspector Tools, and I believe Professional Equipment rents them also