Flir B-Cam vs. B2 vs. Fluke Ti20 vs. Ti30 Thermal Imaging Cameras

Flir B-Cam vs. B2 vs. Fluke Ti20 vs. Ti30 Thermal Imaging Cameras.

I am in the market for a thermal imaging camera. Does anyone have any experience or preference with any of these IR cameras? Thanks in advance for any thoughts.


The basic FLIR Camera is quite adequate for home inspections. The more expensive models IMO are unnecessary unless your are seeking Level 1 or 2 thermography certification and will be inspecting large commercial and industrial operations. The thought scares me. :shock:

I hear good things about the FLUKE camera too.

I was looking at this one, especially since it has a lease option.

We use th Ti20… no complaints

Joseph, Which model are you looking at? I have the 1000 model that was my back up camera and no longer need it.

I have a Rayethon IR pro that I bought used last summer for the same price as the lower priced Flir cam. I am very happy with it. I looked at the Flirs, but went with this one for the higher resolution pictures. I would suggest that you get demos of both brands and make sure you look at the software that is included.
Also, check out this site for people selling thermal imaging equipment- I seem to remember seeing some of the Flukes for sale on there.
If you have other questions, let me know.

I saw the SRI 3000, and was not aware that other models existed. I am assuming that the 1000 is an earlier generation with probably fewer features or less horns, bells, and whistles?

If you found it useful and are looking for a home for it, please contact me as I would be VERY interested. or 215-620-5308.:smiley: