Anybody remember More-tight

I must be spelling it wrong ,but I am refering to the grey clay sold at hardware stores for plumbing ,which is also great for sealing out drafty windows.
Need a link to the product.

You mean plumber’s putty?

Same stuff for RVs on a tape roll
Putty Tape

Putty tape in Flexible Grey

Plumbers putty?

Thats close to what is looks like but it is segmented and sold at all the truevalues and Aces.

It is basiclly a clay and is very cheap(peels right off after winter)
I used it all the time when managing buildings.

Putty tape leaves a residue that can be cleaned with mineral spirits.

I have a client with Hopper windows and for some odd reason the put single handles on two of them.

This may cause them not to seal as well as the rest.

Same size as the others ,so why they would do this is beyond me, but drafts are always a common problem with these and casements.

Mortite Rope Caulk is putty in a roll. It can be applied around the edges of windows to reduce uncontrolled air infiltration and exfiltration, help reduce moisture condensation, and to seal against dust, dirt, and insects. It is installed by simply pressing it into place with your fingers. Easily applied, self adhering, yet easy to remove. Rope caulk is an especially good option for apartment residents. One roll consists of 45 linear feet of caulking cord, which is generally suitable for sealing 3 average-sized windows. The color is gray.

Give the man a cigar.
Thanks Wendell,you got a link?

I added a link to my first post, couldn’t find a mfg. post, but its made by Frost King I believe.

Thanks ,I was able to get info once it was spelled right Duh.

The stuff has been around for years. I remember using it in my grandmother’s house in the 1960’s! Also had it on the shelf of the hardware store where I worked in the 70’s. It’s still out there!!

Sure alot easier than using a hair dryer on shrink wrap.

Sure would take alot of it to cover single pane windows.

Not really as it is cheap, and often under $2 a box ,plus can be split along the roll since it is segmented.
Faster band more thrifty than plastic,take it from a cheapo.

Great for old houses, loose windows, etc. It can be removed and reused. It “ain’t high tech”, but it has a place in the world. I just learned that it is now available in “woodtone” as well as the original gray!!!