Anybody seen this type of silicate insulation in the attic.

Came across this attic insulation today, any help would be appreciated.:smiley:

165 Belle Aire Bourbonnais Illinois 044B.jpg165 Belle Aire Bourbonnais Illinois 042 B.jpg

I would disregard the safe part of the heading in this website…!

Thanks Dale,
Heard about it but just never came across it. Was a little surprised to find it around Chicago. Any idea of R-values, didn’t see anything at that link? Thanks again!

Old vermiculite…2.0 per in.

Thanks again!!!:D:D


Insulation, Web site, I’m really going to owe you the bar in Toronto.

Based on the 2 x 6 ceiling joists there is only a couple of inches of it. Doubt it’s enough. I would call it <R19 and recommend further evaluation and supplementation.