Anybody Want to take a guess what this is?

This was attached to the air handler on a 1953 built home. I found all sorts of cool stuff in this home (including 10-12 bottles of moonshine) but for the life of me can’t figure out what this is. There was a 1 HP pool motor nearby which goes to a water fountain in the back. I don’t think this is significant but just curious if anybody has ever seen one of these…maybe on the Antique Road Show or something.

Yea it is a spraymatic wash system :mrgreen: maybe they cleaned the still with it;)
I tried to bing it but nothing came up… where is Roy, Mike or JJ

This Mike has no clue :slight_smile:

Thanks Larry!

Interesting…I’ll be sure to add this feature to my inspection software LOL. Thanks

Just what the heck are you insinuating, Fetty?!!! :twisted:

Don’t look so mad, that was a compliment. :wink:

Yes, I know. Just messin’ with you. You sure got thin skinned lately. :???:

My pleasure, Dave. :smiley:

44 years ago Larry you sure have much interesting info… Thanks

You’re welcome, Roy. Google works wonders…:slight_smile:

So it is a filter cleaner .